Too many times in life, the same thing that we like, we dislike the same thing. Let me give you an example. A woman meets a very muscular man. She brags to her friends about how great a body he has. They ultimately get married. She then complains to her friends that her husband spends too much time at the gym. How does she think he got the body that she loves so dearly? Sometimes people are too funny and don’t really know what they want.
I brought all of this up to talk about the video above. Here’s the set-up: A white gentleman went to Wal-Mart with his 3 small daughters. The daughters are biracial and have dark features. The gentleman and the kids were in Wal-Mart for only a short period of time but he spent considerable time putting the seat belts on his kids in the parking lot. A concerned citizen reported to Wal-Mart Security that this was an odd looking situation and that perhaps he had kidnapped the kids. Security contacted the police who in turn went to the house and found the Caucasian gentleman and his African-American wife. The police questioned them and determined that the kids belonged to them. The parents are very angry about the situation. What if the kids had been abducted and they were out in plain view and no one said anything? The wife’s complaint would now be totally different. What harm was done?
I remember going to Ticketmaster to buy tickets. I attempted to charge the tickets and was asked to provide identification (which I had left at home). I told the agent that I would return. By the time I got home the credit card company called to ask if someone had stolen my card. They, just like the concerned citizen, were taking precautions because something looked a bit suspicious. Perhaps we all should question more things. Check out the video.

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