Some people have no respect for the living or the dead. When you read this story below, you’ll understand how far some people will go to get their hands on what they are interested in. However… the po po will find you out. This is the story of two inmates who were allowed to pay their last respects to their deceased grandma. Apparently… they have absolutely NO RESPECT for her.

AJC reports: By Breaking News Staff
Two Bibb County jail inmates apparently went not only to pay their last respects but to pick up some contraband when they visited their grandmother’s body at a Macon funeral home Thursday.

According to WMAZ-TV Henry Ison Rouse and Nekoase Antwan Vinson were granted supervised leave from the county jail for a private viewing of their grandmother’s body but apparently had arranged with someone on the outside to leave contraband inside the casket to be retrieved by them.

When they were searched on their return to the jail they were discovered to be holding marijuana, tobacco, a lighter and a cellphone, the television station reported.

The station reported that Bibb County Sheriff David Davis said deputies suspect the inmates retrieved the contraband from the casket after relatives stashed it for them. Davis said it “illustrates the audacity of this generation of inmates.”


There’s a phrase tat says “when you’re dead, you’re done. Well, not so fast. Not if Kenneth Doulas has anything to do with it. You see recently, Douglas admitted to having sex with female corpses (that’s dead people, y’all). Perhaps he was concerned about… (wait for it..)
birth control. The main story was taken from
Check out the story below:

One employee at an Ohio morgue has admitted to having sex with female corpses while at work.
-WCPO in Cincinnati reports Kenneth Douglas worked the night shift at the Hamilton County morgue from 1976 to 1992. In a deposition he revealed he had sex with up to 100 dead bodies, while drunk or high. “I would just get on top of them and pull my pants down, ” confessed Douglas.

Douglas was charged and convicted in 2012 of three cases of abusing a corpse, and the county was sued by the families of the victims. In 2008, his DNA was discovered on the body of a 19 year old woman who had died in 1992. Douglas admitted to having sex with her and multiple other women while the bodies were awaiting autopsies. Another one of Douglas’ victims included a 23 year old that he had abused on the same day she died. She had been strangled and was six months pregnant.

Douglas’ wife had attempted to reveal her husband’s behavior, but she was ignored by the county. According to WCPO, Mrs. Douglas testified in court that she had called to report that her husband was coming home smelling like “sex and alcohol” but was told whatever happens on county property is county business.

Although Hamilton County officials said they couldn’t be held accountable for the actions of their employees, according to WCPO, a judge ruled on Friday that a jury could find the county’s former coroner and morgue reckless for neglecting to supervise Douglas.

This is the fourth lawsuit the county has faced for improperly handling corpses.


The video below is poignant. What makes it even more outstanding is that I know this gentleman. We used to live three houses from each other and we talked regularly. He is now the Senior Pastor of Canaan Baptist Church in Harlem, New York. This is my first posting of the incident that happened in Ferguson, Missouri. Thanks Thomas Johnson for saying it so eloquently.
Michael Brown is the unarmed black teenager who was shot to death by a white police officer in Ferguson Missouri earlier this week. His death has prompted riots and protests in the days since.
Thanks to loyal reader A. Renae for sending this video.

Published Aug 17, 2014 on
Description Senior Pastor Thomas D. Johnson of Canaan Baptist Church of Harlem , New York speaks out against the recent shootings of young Black Men by police.


I saw the story that is below online the other day and I meant to share it with you. These kinds of stories are getting more prevalent. Some would say that we are living in the last days but I really can’t make that prediction because the WORD says that no man knows the day nor the hour… At any rate check out this story of betrayal and embezzlement by this church pastor. I must add that the pastor has only been accused of this crime and not yet convicted. Persons are assumed innocent… until proven guilty.
By Ian Silver
TULSA, Okla. —
A local pastor was charged in federal court Wednesday in the embezzlement of almost a million dollars from a community center his church built.

Rev. Willard Jones, a pastor of Cornerstone Baptist Church, faces three counts of wire fraud and one count of tax fraud.

FOX23 learned a community center the church built was the vision of Jones. He helped design it and raised funds to build it.

The U.S. attorney said he was also stealing a lot of those funds and living an expensive life, instead of serving this high-poverty area.

FOX23 was there when Jones broke ground on the community center and when it opened in September 2011.

U.S. Attorney Danny Williams said the executive board of the community center did an internal audit in 2013 when Jones said there weren’t enough operating funds.

“About $500,000 was missing. Reverend Jones would not cooperate with that audit, and subsequently the FBI was contacted,” said Williams.

An investigation by the FBI found jones had taken more than $933,000 in all.

“When in fact, he was spending the stolen funds on hotels, restaurants, gambling at casinos, liquor, automobiles and luxury items including a Rolex watch and a monogrammed mink fur coat with matching hat and gloves,” said Williams.

According to court documents, he also used money to pay for work on his house.

“Based on our investigation, there are no funds left,” said Williams.

IRS Special Agent Damon Rowe told FOX23 Jones also lied on his taxes and did not report close to $400,000.

“Our agents are committed to making sure that we follow the money to the end, and we’ll leave no stone unturned,” said Rowe.

Jones stepped down from his post as executive director of the community center, but remains pastor at Cornerstone Baptist Church.

Williams said the crimes he’s accused of committing against the community center affect a lot more people.

“Mr. Jones failed to honor the trust of the community, which needed revitalization,” said Williams.

Jones is scheduled for his first appearance in court next Friday.


I hope you see the overwhelming theme here. This is the latest offering is from Fred Hammond – “I Will Trust”.
The bible verse that speaks to this so eloquently is as follows:
Proverbs 3:5-6New International Version (NIV)
Trust in the Lord with all your heart
and lean not on your own understanding;
in all your ways submit to him,
and he will make your paths straight.
Have a safe and prosperous weekend.
Also, consider this:
2 Corinthians 10:17-18 (NIV)
But, “Let the one who boasts boast in the Lord.” For it is not the one who commends himself who is approved, but the one whom the Lord commends.