I am only one
But I am one!
I cannot do everything
But I can do something
And it will not let
What I cannot do
Interfere with
What I can do
-Author unknown-

Yesterday I saw this on a t-shirt and had to capture it. think I saw a graduation cap on the other side of the shirt. This t-shirt spoke volumes. I hope each of you get the message to this today and govern yourselves accordingly…


The American Music Awards were on last night and though I did not get a chance to watch the entire show, I did not miss this awesome performance of “My Heart Will Go On” by the legendary Celine Dion. She shut the place down with this performance that brought the crowd to it’s feet. Enough of what I have to say. Check her out!

You are a blessing :)

I hope you read this in its’ entirety and are as inspired as I was when I read it!!!

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rose give

We all need reminders to keep smiling when our heart may long for what was or what hasn’t arrived in our lives yet.

There are times that we just need to know that our prayers are heard, our hard work is not in vain, and our presence is appreciated.

Guess what?  I want to let you know that what you feel will not last always.   Although there is heaviness or lack, it is temporary.  There are brighter days ahead.

Shift your perspective to what is going right at this moment.

Shift your thoughts to the prayers that have been answered and are being worked on right now.

Shift your tears into tears of joy.  Know that everything is being worked out, even if you are unable to see or feel it right now.

Stand firm on your faith and trust that things will work and come together for your good.

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I had no idea who wrote this song until I heard this guy being interviewed a couple of days ago. I have always likeD this song. It is by a young man named Jermaine Dolly and the song is called “YOU”. Dolly used to be a backup singer for Tye Tribbett who is another great gospel singer. The song really sticks to mind because I was playing it at work one day and this co-worker began dancing to it. It was the funniest sight ever…EVER. Check this song out. It really is nice.