I believe if you keep your faith,
you keep your trust,
you keep the right attitude,
if you’re grateful,
you’ll see God open up new doors.
-Joel Osteen-


Today is December 12, 2017. December 12th is a date that I’ll remember for a long time. Many years ago I became friends with a gentleman named Keith Harrell. Keith was a motivational speaker all over the country. He spoke about attitude. Keith was billed as of the top motivational speakers in the world. He died in 2010 and has left a great mark on this world. If you ever met him, you’d understand why. I usually post something on his birthday every year and this year is no different. Get you attitude adjusted by him today. Just listen to the above video. Thanks for calling today Vanessa. I thought about you this morning as soon as I remembered that this was Keith’s birthday. He’d be proud that we remembered.


Today I’m remembering a friend who died 7 years ago. This is not the first post that I’ve done on Keith Harrell and probably won’t be the last. Keith (aka Dr. Attitude) embodied ATTITUDE. I can’t begin to tell you of the attitude conversations that we had and how everything for him was about attitude. He travelled the world as a motivational speaker, speaking about attitude and also published at least 7 books about the same. Check him out in the video above and tune up your attitude…