I am only one
But I am one!
I cannot do everything
But I can do something
And it will not let
What I cannot do
Interfere with
What I can do
-Author unknown-

Yesterday I saw this on a t-shirt and had to capture it. think I saw a graduation cap on the other side of the shirt. This t-shirt spoke volumes. I hope each of you get the message to this today and govern yourselves accordingly…


Yesterday this was sent to me in my inbox by loyal reader A. Renae. She had seen it on Facebook (which I’m not a part of) and decided to share it with me. The sad part about this is that it rings true for a lot of families and we all must do better and not just with talk. Interestingly enough, I was watching Braxton Family Values the other night (I told y’all that I watch a lot of reality tv)and one of the sisters said to the others “I don’t know y’all anymore, Everybody’s doing their own thing and we don’t talk like we used to.”
How relevant is this in your family….AND what are you going to do about it? Check out what was sent to me below:

“It’s so Sad 😞 But The Truth! #Family ain’t what it used to be no more . It used to be a time when you could go to your grandmother/aunt house to get a plate, see your grandmama/aunt, chill with your cousins and just have fun. Now everybody CHOOSE who they wanna deal with, aunts/uncles CHOOSE which kids to be proud of, father(dads) CHOOSE which kids he want to take care of or which kids he want to deal with. Brothers and sisters treat friends better than family. 🤔 Cousins talk about their own family members and don’t realized their life is no better… Now the only time you see family is during a funeral. This cycle needs to change. 😟😒 Copy & Paste if you agree!!!!
Sometimes we have to be the one to make the change/difference. I intend to be the change. Love my family. All of them . Much love family.”