It is never good to argue with people in a place where you are ordering food.  Too often, there are those who are so evil that will do just about anything to get revenge on another person.  My position has always been that if there is any type of disagreement with anyone at an establishment, especially where I am eating, I will leave immediately and cancel that order.  Loyal reader A. Renae sent me the following article from News8.com:

News 8 –  A Maryland woman, Lakisha Hunter, was arrested and led away in handcuffs after arguing with customer Lashay Jones over their child’s father not coming to see the baby. Hunter then went to the back of the restaurant and used discharge from her vagina to place the mayonnaise on Lashay’s bacon cheeseburger deluxe.

Wendys NEWS

Apparently the two women, who share the same father, have been at each other’s throats for a while. Lashay claims she had Lamont first and Lakisha ruined her family. Lakisha’s coworker, who chose to remain anonymous, is the one who told the manager that she witnessed Lakisha add her “special sauce.” Lashay was admitted to Prince George’s Hospital after digesting the burger.

As Lakisha was led away in handcuffs, she released a statement to reporters: “I told that ho to quit playing with me! She said extra mayo so that’s what she got, now ask that b*tch what p**sy taste like.” Lashay plans to file a civil lawsuit against Lakisha as well as Wendy’s, she is asking for $5 million in damages. Lakisha is being held at the P.G. County Jail on a $50,000 bond.





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Today marks the 57th birthday of one of the best that ever graced the stage.  Of course I’m talking about…………M    I    C    H    A    E    L……………….

This video is from the 1995 MTV Awards which he shut down completely.  Michael was the type of artist that put on unimaginable shows.  He has so many songs still etched in our memories.  Earlier this year, which happens to be 6 years after Jackson’s untimely death, John Plashal , a photographer, snapped pictures in a thunderstorm in Virginia.  It seems that Michael made a special appearance in the clouds that day.  I know that people see a lot of things in the clouds but you be the judge.  After seeing one of the pictures that Plashal took, a lot of people think that this is the image of a moon-walking the King of Pop himself..  You be the judge of the image below.  Let me know what you think.


C’MON PEOPLE, STOP IT: White Cop Tells Innocent Black Man He Pulled Him Over For Making ‘Direct Eye Contact’

I saw this post earlier and knew it went well with my previous post. Of course I know that all stops by the local are individual and situational but it sure is strange how some people, more so than others, are targeted. As a former police officer, trust and believe, I have witnessed this much more than I would care to admit.


According to ABC,” the suspected car thief was being chased by multiple police vehicles in the downtown area when she inexplicably stopped her car, got out, and danced in the street to Future’s “Where Ya At.”

The woman was being pursued by cops for weaving through traffic and running red lights, even blowing a tire as she ran over a spike strip–but it wasn’t until a few moments after her dance break that cops were able to swarm her car and take her into custody.”

Sometimes a few words tell a lot.  Such is the case here.  I just wonder… if this woman had been of a different race and gender, would the end result be the same?  Or would we be talking about a funeral today???  You tell me what you think.


You’ve got to check out this video.  This comes from this young man named Willie Moore, Jr.  I listen to him on the Nightly Spirit which is his radio show on 102.5 in Atlanta.  He’s not only in Atlanta but a number of other markets as well.  Although he is spiritual, he is hilarious as well. You’ve got to find this guy on the radio in your area.  And you’ll know it’s him when he says….. FLAT OUT!!! He is a minister, motivational speaker, actor, comedian, recording artist, and the list goes on and on.  On this particular video, he talks so truthfully about CHURCH FOOLISHNESS…..WE WANT THE TRUTH!!! @PWillie1

If you’ve ever been in a church like this…..you know exactly what he is talking about.  Stop playing.




A wave of excitement has hit the city of Greensboro, NC as Tiger Woods made his way to town for the Wyndham Championship at the Sedgefield Country Club. Woods, who entered Saturday with a share of the lead with Jason Gore, is now 2 strokes behind Gore. Ina statement, Woods had the following to say: “I need to go out there tomorrow and make a run and get myself up there and make some birdies,” Woods said. “There’s a bunch of guys … at 13 [under]. There’s a whole slew of guys at 12, 11, 10 [under]. Anybody can make a run and shoot the score Jason and Jonas [Blixt] did.”


Tiger is in a position to win his first PGA Tour event in more than two years. This is Woods’ event of the year and one that he must win or at least tie for second to qualify for the FedEx Cup playoffs. If current projections hold true, Woods would have to place at least 2nd to make it to the Barklays next week.  I really hope to update this post with a win for Tiger Woods.  Thanks to loyal reader LD for sending me a few of the pictures he took while attending yesterday.



Do you remember the name Rachael Dolezal? She is the woman who was president of the Seattle, Washington NAACP. She garnered national attention when her biological parents told the world that she was white and not black as she had been pretending.

Let us fast forward to recent news and Shaun King. King has been a very noticeable face of the Black Lives Matter development since the police shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO. King has been accused of not being black as he has claimed. After this information made the news, CNN’s Don Lemon reported that a “family member” had given information that King’s parents are both white. Is this déjà vu?shaunkingbaby                                     Shaun King as a baby (on the right)

The report mentioned a birth certificate obtained from the Kentucky Office of Vital Statistics that lists King’s father as Jeffery Wayne King, who is also white. King has fired back at these accusations by saying that he is in fact biracial. He has also defended his Oprah Scholarship to attend Morehouse College, a historically black school. He indicates that he did not lie about his race to obtain the scholarship.shaunking sophomore

Shaun King as a sophomore in high school


King recently addressed this entire situation by issuing the following statement:

I refuse to speak in detail about the nature of my mother’s past, or her sexual partners, and I am gravely embarrassed to even be saying this now, but I have been told for most of my life that the white man on my birth certificate is not my biological father and that my actual biological father is a light-skinned black man. My mother and I have discussed her affair. She was a young woman in a bad relationship and I have no judgment. This has been my lived reality for nearly 30 of my 35 years on earth. I am not ashamed of it, or of who I am—never that—but I was advised by my pastor nearly 20 years ago that this was not a mess of my doing and it was not my responsibility to fix it. All of my siblings and I have different parents. I’m actually not even sure how many siblings I have.

What do you think about this interesting story?  Why does race matter so much?  Is race the issue here?  When will all of this madness stop?                                          

                                           Shaun King’s wife and kids



miami 1miami 2miami 3miami

Suspects pictured above from left to right Christian Colon 19, Jonathan Lucas 18, Kaheem Arbelo 20, Desiray Strickland 18.  Arbelo and Strickland are said to have stayed behind at the scene to have sex.


I got the following article from Daily Mail.com website and this crime is simply atrocious.  There is not a punishment good enough for these monsters who took the life of this young man.  The fact that they lured him into the woods and began to cut him up was bad enough but they then…. buried him alive.  I have no more words…  Check out the article below:

Four Miami, Florida students allegedly hacked a 17-year-old boy to near death with a Machete then buried him alive before two of the teens had sex near the grisly scene.

Desiray Strickland, 18, was arrested on Wednesday making her the fourth suspect charged in the killing of Jose Amaya Guardado, 17, on June 28.

Kaheem Arbelo, 20, Jonathan Lucas, 18, and Christian Colon, 19, confessed to the murder last week following their arrest, said Miami-Dade police. 

Arbelo is a suspected drug dealer at the school. Police expect to arrest a fifth in conjunction with the killing.

1 miami

Jose Amaya Guardado 17, killed

The Miami Herald likened the arrest report to a scene from the novel Lord of the Flies in which a group of teenagers hunt each other like animals.

The report states that at one point Strickland became angry at the other suspects when they started allegedly hacking the boy to death without her.

She, ‘complained that she had missed the first series of machete strikes because she had walked away for a few minutes to urinate in the woods,’ according to the arrest report.

‘The victim made one last attempt to fight off the attackers,’ a detective wrote, ‘at which time, (Arbelo) struck the victim with the machete several more times until the victim’s face caved in.’

Police say that after the students buried Guardado that Strickland stayed behind with the supposed ringleader of the group Kaheem Arbelo to have sex near the murder scene before going back to the Homestead Job Corps school campus.

Authorities say the students are a part of a known group of bullies at the live-in school and vocational training program run by the U.S. Department of Labor.

Arbelo is an alleged school drug dealer and attack is thought to have stemmed from a debt owed to Arbelo from Guardado.

The school is a program aimed at helping students get high school diplomas along with teaching them skills like masonry and office administration.

‘Safety and security is our top priority,’ said a labor department spokesman.

‘Steps already have been taken to strengthen security at the Homestead center, and Job Corps is reviewing safety and security at all its centers,’ said spokesman Stephen Barr.

Barr said he was ‘deeply saddened’ by the death and would be offering counseling for students.

Jose went missing on June 28 and was found in the woods days later by his brothers who saw two feet in a burned area, reports The New York Daily News.

‘The body was unrecognizable and decomposed,’ cousin Ana Morales wrote on a family fundraising page.

‘His brothers could not resist to see the body. They were crazy with grief hoping it was not Jose.’

Arbelo, Lucas and Colon confessed on video to the killings, but Strickland was not cooperative.

She tried to pick her handcuffs off with screw from a nearby electrical outlet and also head butted an officer.

She etched, ‘MPD Go to Hell’ on the table in the interview room, say police.

Guardado is described as being a shy and ‘peaceful young man.’

‘A crime is bad, but what Jose suffered was horrible,’ wrote his cousin Ana Morales.