1. Dear TJ , You inspire me and have taught me to change in many ways . Your poetry inspired me to dream bigger , as well as the talks we have. One of the things you say often to me is “never make anyone a priority when you are just an option ” this sticks with me daily. You have touched my life in so many ways that I will always have imprint of you in me wherever I go , not just because you are my brother but because of the man you are. I may not comment every time on your blog understand that your blog touch me in a real way every time I read it . Keep doing what you do and keep touching others lives as you do . All my love your baby sister ! (Renea).

    You Keeping The Dream Alive Number Five


    • This made my day!!! I get comments all the time but coming from Roach Royalty such as yourself………………. takes it to another place and that place is in my heart. Surely you have to know that our conversations are continuous. I hear you when we are not even talking. Many times I laugh, or smile, or even contemplate something that you said weeks ago. That’s the kind of impact your words have. I could keep writing on and on but….this is another one of those conversations that will have to wait…… on the number 8. Thanks so much for your continued support!!! MUCH LOVE!


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