This story keeps getting more interesting by the minute. This is the continuation of the story of the 2 people who tried to rob the Brunswick, Ga. mom, then shot and killer her 13 month old son who was still in the stroller. The alleged trigger man’s mother and aunt have now been arrested and charged with providing false information to the police.
Karimah Elkins, 36, and 33-year-old Katrina Elkins, Elkins’s aunt and mother were arrested Monday night and charged with making false statements to police, the AJC reports.
Karimah Elkins originally told police De’Marquise showed up at her home at 8:30 a.m. Thursday and ate breakfast. She said the teen accompanied her as she ran errands with her children throughout the day. She said he could not have shot the baby because he was with her all day.
The two women posted $1,104 bail and bonded out of jail Tuesday morning, according to the SavannahNow website.
Glynn County police Chief Matt Doering told the Associated Press that information the two women gave to police was instrumental in helping police recover the murder weapon.
“I feel glad that justice will be served,” West said. “It’s not something I’m going to live with very well. I’m just glad they caught him.”
De’Marquise Elkins’ sister, Sabrina Elkins, told AP her brother was innocent. “He couldn’t have done that to a little baby,” she said. “My brother has a good heart.”

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