Naked People in Heaven

This is such a great piece that I had to share it. Often, we only think about now (our microwave society). Yet, there is more much more eternally than we can ever imagine. Let this help to start your week off with a bang. There will be naked people in HEAVEN… but you won’t see them as such.

Beautiful Life with Cancer

Instant bad mood.  I search around for my screaming phone on the floor under my bed.  The damn alarm clock continues to scream at the top of its lungs.  Slowly gaining control of my sleeping body, I step out of bed, pick up my phone and turn off the alarm.  The pain of waking up.  In heaven, I will roll over and enjoy the waking up process just as much as snuggling into bed and drifting off to sleep.  (That is if we sleep in heaven.)

My world runs about me in fast forward.  Honking impatiently at the slow moving car, spending what we don’t have for the newest item that hits the shelves, driving around our children to some place other than home.  Why do I join the insanity of the crowd?  I do believe in busying oneself with hard work, but that is not what is happening here…

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Yesterday, while listening to my favorite gospel radio station, I was very intrigued about a topic that I heard the DJ discuss. The DJ was having a discussion about grieving. The DJ’s mother had passed away approximately two weeks ago and he was discussing his conversation with his wife about grieving. Apparently the DJ’s wife had told their young son about the passing of his grandmother and the young son asked the mother if his father had cried. The mom was unsure as to how to answer the question and she asked her husband what to tell the son. The DJ said that he is not one who outwardly cries but told his wife to tell the son that he had cried like a baby. He indicated that he did that so that the son would not grow up thinking that it was not okay for a man to cry.
I made a call to the DJ and asked why does he think it was okay for him to lie about that to his son. He said that he was trying to make a point. My question is: IS IT OKAY TO LIE TO MAKE A POINT?
In my opinion, instead of just making a point to his son, the DJ (while being what he calls transparent) has sent out a message to his massive audience, that it is okay to lie, just to make a point.
I think that the situation could have been handled in a better way to get the desired results.
Everyone emotes differently. That could have easily explained to this child. Just because the father is not one to openly cry, that doesn’t mean that the son will take on that same trait.

I’m reminded of people who get up in church to testify and instead, they TESTI-LIE. Perhaps, they feel that they are helping GOD to get the point across. I don’t think that GOD needs anyone’s help in getting a point across. Tell me your views on this topic. I am very interested in what you have to say.

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