Roasa Parks

On this day in history Rosa Parks, a civil rights icon, was born in Tuskegee, Alabama.
On Dec. 1, 1955, Parks refused to give up her seat to a white passenger on a Montgomery,
Ala., bus and was arrested. Her courageous stand against racial injustice inspired a
boycott of the Montgomery bus system that lasted one year, and would serve as the
catalyst for the civil rights movement. Parks, who died in Oct. 2005, dedicated her
life to activism and stood as a symbol of freedom for all. She was honored with some
43 honorary doctorates and many prestigious awards, including the Martin Luther King Jr.
Non-Violent Peace Prize. In 1996, President Bill Clinton awarded her the Presidential
Medal of Freedom award, the highest award given to an American civilian. Parks died
of natural causes at the age of 92 on October 24, 2005.