Naked People in Heaven

This is such a great piece that I had to share it. Often, we only think about now (our microwave society). Yet, there is more much more eternally than we can ever imagine. Let this help to start your week off with a bang. There will be naked people in HEAVEN… but you won’t see them as such.

Beautiful Life with Cancer

Instant bad mood.  I search around for my screaming phone on the floor under my bed.  The damn alarm clock continues to scream at the top of its lungs.  Slowly gaining control of my sleeping body, I step out of bed, pick up my phone and turn off the alarm.  The pain of waking up.  In heaven, I will roll over and enjoy the waking up process just as much as snuggling into bed and drifting off to sleep.  (That is if we sleep in heaven.)

My world runs about me in fast forward.  Honking impatiently at the slow moving car, spending what we don’t have for the newest item that hits the shelves, driving around our children to some place other than home.  Why do I join the insanity of the crowd?  I do believe in busying oneself with hard work, but that is not what is happening here…

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“SONGS OF A FATHER” An Unexpected Journey of Discovery

If you live in the Atlanta area, please take time to check out this event:
Atlanta Technical College Library (very back of campus
past child care center; right at stop sign) 1560
Metropolitan Pkwy SW Atl 30310

Thursday, August 20th 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm

Front Lobby

Please come and bring a friend to hear readings from Pauline’s newest book.

The Turtle Queen WritePlace


Over the past three years I have been on an extraordinary journey!
With just a casual conversation with a friend, I started a journey I never expected to make. That journey began adiscovery of my very humble Mansfield family roots. At the same timeI uncovered the path that my father, Emanuel Mansfield, famed concert tenor, took to reach, what seemed like, an unreachable dream – despite so many odds against him.
“This is my story – this is my song”…
The world needs to hear all of our stories — each story is like a missing piece of fabric in this giant quilt called “Life”.Each of our pieces makes our world a more interesting, more exciting, and more colorful place in which to live.
My life changed the day I started on this journey. I hope my story will inspire you to start…

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Just this morning I heard Donnie McClurklin talking about how God is in control. I then signed on to my computer and I happened upon this particular blog that spoke about the wisest thing to do. It all goes hand in hand.  Hopefully you’re encouraged and inspired today!


“Fast runners do not always win the race, and the brave do not always win the battle” (Eccl.9:11).

The ways of God are very hard to understand. It is not uncommon for bright sunshine to be followed immediately by a down pour of rain. The answers are not always straight.

The Bible says, “Wise men do not always get rich, and capable men do not always rise to high positions.” (Eccl. 9:11).

You cannot say what comes next in your life. God alone knows. Trusting him with your destiny is therefore the wisest thing to do.

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