People get to millionaire status in different ways. These two young men had to spend 22 years of their lives in prison to get there.
They were wrongly convicted. They have yet to collect a dime but I’m sure that attorneys from all over are calling so that they too can get some of the money that is coming to these two. In retrospect, I’m certain that the both of them would give up the money that is coming their way if this had never happened. They’ve missed over 20 years of their lives.

2 brothers
According to (CNN) — Two men behind bars for more than half their lives over a triple murder walked free this week after DNA evidence tore holes in their convictions.
Antonio Yarbough and Sharrif Wilson were teenagers when prison doors clanked shut behind them.
Now, in their late 30s, they can hardly believe they’re out.
What does freedom feel like? “I’m still going through it right now,” Yarbough said Friday.
“I haven’t slept yet. I’ve been up for two days now. I have no words for it right now.”
Nearly 22 years of hard time
Imagine more than two decades in a maximum security prison. Add to that the fact that you’re accused of killing your mother, your sister and your cousin.
As if that’s not enough, you were the one who discovered their lifeless, bloodied bodies when you opened the door to your home one night.
If it’s hard to imagine what that’s like, Yarbough will tell you.
After years in Attica’s maximum security prison among New York’s toughest criminals, he left its high, gray walls behind him Thursday.
“It was a nightmare,” Yarbough told CNN’s Piers Morgan in an exclusive interview. “Twenty-one years and seven months was more like 42 years and seven months, when you know you’re in prison for something you didn’t do.”
After reviewing DNA evidence, District Attorney Kenneth P. Thompson said the previous convictions for the 1992 murders in Brooklyn would most likely not stand up in court again and agreed the two men should be freed.