I saw this trailer yesterday and I can’t wait until the movie comes out. There is so much that the general public does not know about this iconic figure and so much that we will never know. When…will we let this woman REST IN PEACE. I still can’t wait to see the movie.


I heard this lady on Showtime At The Apollo and trust me she sounds a lot like the late Whitney Houston. Her name is Glennis Grace. According to networth.com:
“Glennis Grace (born as Glenda Hulita Elisabeth Batta, 19 June 1978, Amsterdam) is a singer from the Netherlands who in 2005 won the national selection in the Netherlands for the Eurovision Song Contest 2005 for the nation. Grace’s song was the ballad My Impossible Dream, but she did not advance the semifinal. She was discovered after she won a Dutch TV talent show where she performed Whitney Houston’s “One Moment in Time”. In April 2011 she reached the top of the Dutch singles chart with a rendition of “Afscheid”, originally made famous by Volumia!”


This classic by icons Whitney & Mariah still gives me that wonderful feeling. Because of their vocal greatness,there was rumor long ago that these two were feuding. They put the rumor to rest by performing this great song “When You Believe” together. They both have many Billboard records and unfortunately Whitney is no longer physically with us. Today I’m celebrating them by posting this duet. Enjoy!!!


Christmas is in the air!!! Can you feel it? With just a few more days until CHRISTmas 2016, I thought I’d let Whitney Houston help usher the spirit of CHRISTmas in with her rendition of “JOY TO THE WORLD”. What are your big plans for the holidays? Hopefully each of you will remember the reason for the season is CHRIST!!!


Music for you today from the legendary Whitney Houston.  “I Have Nothing.”  This song is from the Bodyguard soundtrack which was released on November 17,1992.  The soundtrack won the Grammy Award for Album of the Year and has been certified 17 x Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America.  This is the best selling movie soundtrack of all time and features numerous songs by Whitney Houston including “I Will Always Love You” which was written and previously released by Dolly Parton.



Whitney Houston is back in the news because there is word that she will be going on tour soon.  Okay, of course we all know that Whitney died over 3 years ago but…. plans are to bring her back to life via hologram.  A hologram is  a three-dimensional image of an object that is a photographic record of light interference patterns produced using a photographic plate and light from a laser.


Images of Whitney Houston holograms

Rolling Stone reports:

The late Whitney Houston will return to the stage as a hologram next year. The project is being organized by Hologram USA in conjunction with Pat Houston, the singer’s sister and president of her estate.

The virtual recreation of Houston will be a multimedia endeavor. Not only will the hologram premiere at a U.S. venue and tour the world, but the content created by FilmOn Studios will be syndicated across all digital and cable platforms. The show will be interactive and feature the singer’s greatest hits alongside as-yet-unannounced special guests.

I want to know.  Is this something that you would go to see?  Let me know what you think.  In the meantime, enjoy Whitney singing “I Have Nothing” from the Bodyguard soundtrack.