I like this video because it is so thought-provoking.  Who do some of us think we are, really?  This is another one o those social experiments just to see how a person would react in a particular situation. In this instance, a “homeless” man is sitting on the street trying to “give” money to people as they pass by.  The reactions are… well stunning in most instances.  Watch and see for yourself.  Let me know what you think.  How would you react if a “homeless person” gave you money?


These videos are poignant! Please take a few moments to view these segments of What Would You Do? In each of the two videos, you get the opportunity to see people get real… really real. They have no idea that a camera is somewhere watching their actions/reactions and that this is actually a social experiment. The topic is race and the question is: WHAT WOULD YOU DO? You’ve got to let me know what you think about these.