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Cops and their mistreatment of African-Americans have again taken center-stage.  This time the stage has been set in McKinney, Texas.  More recent incidents have occurred in Baltimore, Maryland and Ferguson, Missouri.  Even though this incident did not involve another African-American killed by the police, the abusive behavior that was displayed has caused protests to begin. “Call my momma!”  were the screams that could be heard  from a black teenage girl who was being pinned to the ground by a white police officer.  Moments earlier he had drawn his handgun on other black teens. “On your face!” were the words that the officer yelled at the bikini-clad girl.  As seen in the the videos below, the officer 41-year-old David Eric Casebolt who joined the police force in August 2005, only targeted the black teens. Casebolt has been placed on administrative leave but a number of legal analyst have indicated that there is legal trouble ahead for Casebolt and the McKinney Police Department. Quite frankly, they need to start with a mental evaluation of this officer. Check out the videos below.  The first video includes a conversation with the young lady who was pinned to the ground and the second video includes conversation with a legal analyst.  Let me know your thoughts on this.


Check out this video.  This lady (Talisa Andrews) is very upset with Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner.  In case you don’t know who Jenner is, he is the gold -medal winning Olympic athlete who was married three times (once to Kim Kardashian’s mother Kris).  He is in the process of transitioning into a woman.   Andrews starts off by issuing a disclaimer to the LGBT Community and then she snaps.  Hit me up and let me know what you think about this one.


Memorial day is a time to honor our veterans yet there is at least one community that is outraged at a fraud by one of their neighbors.  The guy in this video is apparently perpetrating a fraud and is now being exposed.  There are a lot of people who are now cynical about giving because of people like this.  A non-profit that built a specially-adapted house for wounded Army veteran Justin Perez-Gorda is now ‘weighing its options’, after  stories of the severity of his injuries are now in question.  Perez-Gorda has been seen walking by several neighbors and has even been caught on film unloading wood from his SUV.  I won’t insult you with anymore of the details as you can watch the video for yourself. Passed: To qualify for the home, Perez-Gorda (right) completed the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs grant process and passed a background check

Home: In December 2013, the organization, which builds specially adapted, mortgage-free homes for severely injured war veterans, presented the family with a customized home in Dripping Springs, Texas


This is one of those stories that sicken me to the nth degree.  Domestic violence is one of those topics that I’m not personally familiar with but I am close to people who have been affected by these horrific acts of violence.

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On the way to work I typically listen to the gospel artist James Fortune on the  James Fortune Radio Show.  The show is on our local gospel radio station.  Fortune has not been on the show for months now.  At work I began to wonder why he has not been on the show.  There are a number of other artists that have been substituting for him.  I remembered that Fortune had allegedly been charged with some type of assault last year.  I went online to find out more information and to my surprise I found that this gospel singer JAMES FORTUNE is a monster.  Yeah, I know that sounds a bit extreme but consider this:  Here is a man that opts to punish his four year old step-son by first beating him (child was nude during the beating) then placing the child in a tub of scalding hot water.  The water caused 2hd and 3rd degree burns from right above the child’s penis, down to the bottom of his feet.  It is my opinion that in cases of domestic violence, an adult may find it very difficult to leave their significant other but they do have that choice to stay or leave.  BUT children do not have the same option.  That’s what this case is mainly about to me.  I’m trying not to get too far ahead of myself.  The decision to pull Fortune from the James Fortune Radio Show came sometime after his arrest in late October 2014.

According to Attorney Toni Jones, Fortune is an abusive stepfather and an alleged wife-beater.  “He’s been charged with aggravated assault of a family member (his wife) with a deadly weapon. And I believe that weapon is being alleged as a bar stool,” Jones said.

Jones represents Roderick Davenport, the biological father of Fortune’s stepson. This past weekend Fortune was arrested in Stafford and charged.

“I believe the Stafford PD were concerned at the time of the investigation interviewing her possibly leg or her pelvis may have been fractured or broken,” Jones said.

Twelve years ago Fortune pleaded guilty to injuring his 4 year old stepson.  Fortune was found guilty of felony injury to a child.   Check out the video footage and the burns caused by Fortune on the stepson’s body below:

The stepson spent 63 days in the hospital and who knows how many more hours he will have to spend for plastic surgery in the coming years.  On his show he has a segment that asks the question “What Are You Feeling Fortunate For?”… My answer would be that I’m feeling fortunate that I am not that child’s father because by now, I would have definitely “laid hands” on Fortune and I don’t mean that in a holy way.  I pray that he gets the mental help that he needs because he seriously has some mental problems.  He sounds great on recordings and I’m sure that he manages to raise the service in person, but obviously has some tremendous anger management issues.    Here he is below in a song titled “I Believe”.  He’s the one doing the talking.


About a week ago I introduced a trailer for a reality show that is trying to get picked up by a television station. I’m not sure that they will ever make it to television but I certainly am prepared to show you episode 1 on studiotj. Yes of course it’s a mess but I’ve got to show you that everything that you see… is not what you see. I hope you caught that nugget. You’ve got to learn to trust GOD and not any man or woman on this planet. If you don’t get anything from what I said, get that!!! You’ve got to let me know what you think. There’s more to come.


I realize I am a day late on this but here is the information that I promised on a previous post. You be the judge as to what is going on and please make wise decisions accordingly.
One of the loyal readers of this blog contacted me to look into her situation involving Georgia Farm Bureau. I was really not prepared for what I found. I initially thought that this was a case where the reader had been overlooked and the situation would easily be resolved. Boy was I wrong. For the sake of her confidentially, I am not going to list her name just yet. Here’s what I know. Mrs. Smith (not her real name) returned to her home from California to find that her ceiling was leaking in several places in her home. As a 10 year customer of Georgia Farm Bureau, she called them to file a claim. As a matter of fact, instead of me paraphrasing, I will let you read the email that she recently sent to them:

Greetings Georgia Farm Bureau,

My name is____________. My home at ______________ is insured by your company (Georgia
Farm Bureau) Policy #__________. Over the past couple of years, there have been numerous communications between your company and me. My complaint for repairs to the aforementioned
home address, has essentially been ignored (yes, I said ignored!!!). This has taken a toll on an individual
who prides herself in paying all of her bills on time, including insurance premiums to your company, over the last ten years. One of the proudest moments of my life was when I purchased my home. After I made this investment, I wanted to find the best insurance company possible to protect my investment. I chose Georgia Farm Bureau. However, that decision has turned out to be a huge mistake. This is where I’ll start. At this point, I am so frustrated with the service that I have received from your company that I almost sent a complaint letter to the Office of Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner at 2 Martin Luther
King, Jr. Drive Atlanta, GA 30334, and the Better Business Bureau 503 Oak Place, Suite 590 Atlanta, GA
30349. With your company, I have been dealing with a claims representative by the name of Earl
Cunningham. Instead of immediately filing a complaint against you, I have decided to give you one last opportunity to resolve my issue before I go there… and elsewhere. I WILL NOT BE THE VICTIM!
I have been a loyal customer with this company for over a decade, have never filed a single complaint, and have always paid my premiums on time. I’m sure your records can confirm the same.

There is substantial damage to my roof. In the spring of 2012 you were initially contacted regarding roof damage and leakage (with apparent water spots in my ceiling). You did nothing. Then on March 18,
2013, you were notified that we had a class 4-5 hail storm (baseball-sized hail) which caused much damage to the terra cotta roofs in our entire subdivision. You then sent out a group from Macon, GA, Custard, in the spring of 2013. Their recommendation put a small bandage on a major cut. The water spots have grown exponentially. Mr. Cunningham has witnessed the new spots and the old ones that have bled through once again. Several contractors have been out and declared that my roof need to be replaced. Several estimates have been submitted to your office (including one from Clear Skies) all to no avail. There have been a number of storms since that time, most recent was a snow/ice storm, and no repairs have been done to my home (my investment). I will not sit on the sidelines any longer while my investment is rapidly depreciating in value. If my complaint is not resolved to my satisfaction by February 10,2014, my next letter will go to the Office of Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner, the Better Business Bureau, and elsewhere.


Mrs. Smith (not her real name) was then contacted by her agent who indicated that her claims representative would call her. When the information was passed to me, I called the insurance Agent, Michelle Phillips who referred me to their claims department. I called the claims department and was referred to the claims adjuster, Earl Cunningham. I called and spoke with Cunningham who asked that I email him and he would respond. I have in fact emailed Cunningham with no response.
I went online to check out Georgia Farm Bureau and I found a plethora of complaints against this company for refusing to pay up. I also found the following petition:
Please look into the business practices of Georgia Farm Bureau Insurance
Petition by
Don DeRossett
Duluth, GA
Because of the ultimate protection that may be afforded the public after the Commissioner investigates Farm Bureau’s abandonment of myself, my 83 year old mom and our fire loss at the home she grew up in at 1014 Wilson Rd., Rossville, Ga. 30741.
As that story is more fully told in my petition letter to the Commissioner (which you may view by clicking on the “Petition Letter” tab just above), it is not all the Commissioner should consider when looking into Farm Bureau’s conduct.
Aside from the stories that will likely emerge from others when signing my petition, the Commissioner should also attempt to determine why Farm Bureau had its “Financial Strength Rating” (FSR) downgraded 3 times and its “Issuer Credit Rating” (ICR) 4 times since 2007 by AM Best (a Financial Analysis Firm) and why AM Best currently ranks Farm Bureau’s “Outlook/Implication” on both its FSR and ICR as “NEGATIVE”. That report shows the most recent downgrades as March 29, 2012 and is linked into the DOI website and may be reviewed by clicking on; .
Once in that site, you may see Farm Bureau’s downgrade history by AM Best by clicking on the “AM Best” small logo @ right, then the blue “Georgia Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Co.” link, and then the blue “News and Press Releases” link.
Then, after review of all the above, please consider signing my petition where you may add your own valuable comment particularly if you have a similar story of abandonment at the hands of Farm Bureau, which will be added to the “Petition Update” section (which is available after you sign) and forwarded to the Commissioner. Also, please note that you do not have to live in Georgia to sign.
Then, please consider forwarding my introductory e-mail w/ link to this site (with its pictorial attachment) or this petition site itself to those you know. Thanks and feel free to e-mail me, the organizer of this petition, at, if you like and I will respond as I am able.
Does this seem like an insurance company that you want to be involved with? You be the judge and stay tuned. There is certainly more to come…


Take a look at these pictures and tell me what they look like to you. I am working on a story that I will post sometime tomorrow. I think someone is about to be put on blast. I won’t comment further until I complete my report. Be on the lookout tomorrow for more on this story that is sure to open up a few eyes.