Thanks Ann for sending this video that took me all the way back to kindergarten.  I haven’t heard this in years and when I did, I found myself singing along.  If you can’t appreciate this one, you may need to check your happiness meter.  Everyone deserves to be happy and more often than not, happiness begins with you.  As Charles Spurgeon puts it,  “It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness”.  Have a HAPPY MONDAY!!!



I don’t really have time to give you all of the particulars on this one but trust me, it’s graphic and worth seeing.  Apparently the suspect in this video would not stop and is headed to an area where there are people in an office building.  Deadly force is warranted according to police.  What happens next is straight out of a movie……



One thing about life is that you can’t write anything better than what happens every day in this life.  This whole debacle with the daughter Bobby Brown and the late, iconic Whitney Houston gets more and more interesting daily:  Check out what AOL is reporting on their website today:

Also information has come out about the birthday party that Bobby Brown had the other night on his birthday (while his daughter is on life-support).  There was a fight that took place and 911 had to be called on one of his sisters.  This sounds real classy right? lol…
” New information about Bobbi Kristina Brown reveal she may have been dealing with numerous personal problems leading up to her hospitalization.

The daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown was taken to a hospital last week after she was found unresponsive in a bathtub at her home in Atlanta on January 31.

Doctors placed her in a medically induced coma and a statement from the Houston family this week said she was fighting for her life.

Law enforcement sources told TMZ she was already in trouble with the law before the incident – and police believe foul play may have been involved.

An arrest warrant was issued for the 21-year-old just days before she was found unconscious and law enforcement sources say she had injuries that lead them to believe foul play may be involved.

Brown was previously hospitalized for “stress and anxiety” shortly after her mom’s death. Authorities searched the home after she was taken to the hospital but didn’t find any drugs.

They’re also looking into a possible altercation more than an hour before she was found. The main suspect is her boyfriend.

Details of Bobbi’s condition are still scarce but she remains on life support.”



I’m giving you the information below that I’ve found on TMZ.  Why TMZ?  They seem to be the ones hiding in ceilings, and elevators, and bathrooms, etc… lol.  I don’t really know how accurate this information is but I have to give you what I get.  One of the things I am hearing is that Nick Gordon, Bobbi Christina’s supposed husband, is not in fact married to Bobbi Christina.  That statement was issued by Bobby Brown’s (the father) attorney.  His indication is that They are not and have not ever been married.  Additionally, there are reports that Bobby Brown (the father) had Gordon  forcibly removed from Bobbi Christina’s hospital room by the cops.  Reports have also surfaced that there is a feud going on with Bobby Brown and the Houstons.  We all should know and understand that Bobby Brown (you are the father) has jurisdiction over everyone else (or at least he should).  I’m praying for a miracle for this young lady and I’m again posting the song “Miracle” sung by her mother Whitney Houston.  I love this song.


12:25 PM PST — The Houston family says, “Bobbi Kristina is fighting for her life and is surrounded by immediate family. As her father already stated, we are asking you to honor our request for privacy during this difficult time.”
update_grey_gray_barBobbi Kristina — who was revived from death over the weekend — is now doing significantly better … TMZ has learned, but it’s still touch and go.

Sources connected with the family tell us … doctors performed tests Monday morning and determined the swelling on her brain has gone down. In addition, she has been able to “move her eyes” … all important signs.

Perhaps most important … we’re told the oxygen levels in her brain have increased significantly — 4 times better than Sunday.

But the family has been told … because Bobbi Kristina was deprived of oxygen for anywhere between 2 to 5 minutes while she was submerged in a tub, doctors fear neurological damage.

Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2015/02/02/bobbi-kristina-update-doing-better-brain-damage-bathtub/#ixzz3QnDG8NsM

For those who are keep asking me.  This report is just in from TMZ regarding Bobbi Christina (Whitney Houston’s daughter).

I don’t know if this is true or not but this is exactly what is being reported from their website:

“Police found drugs in Bobbi Kristina‘s house in the wake of her near drowning … this according to her family.

We’ve confirmed … over the weekend cops went back a second time to search the house. The first time they went they found nothing, but we’re told they went a second time and seized several items.

Cops will not confirm they found drugs, but family sources tell TMZ authorities told the family that is indeed what was found.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … they believed from the beginning Bobbi Kristina ended up face down in a bathtub as a result of drugs.

As for why cops didn’t find anything during the first search … we’re told they were only looking for items that were “out in the open.” Law enforcement tells us the second search was more thorough.”

Read more: http://www.tmz.com#ixzz3Qgf7TIh5

UPDATE: TMZ is reporting the following…
“Whitney Houston’s daughter Bobbi Kristina has “significantly diminished” brain function and doctors have told her family it does not look good … this according to sources connected with the family.

As we previously reported, the 21-year-old was found face down in her bathtub Saturday and not breathing. She was revived, taken to the hospital where she was placed in a medically-induced coma.

She is currently on a ventilator but we’re told tests have determined her brain function is alarmingly low.

Bobbi Kristina’s dad, Bobby Brown, is at her bedside.

Doctors have told the family they should continue hoping and praying, but the signs are not good.”


Bobbi Kristina, Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown’s daughter, was found face down in a bath tub yesterday just days before the third anniversary of mother Whitney Houston’s similar death.  She has been placed in a medically induced coma apparently due to some swelling in the brain.  According to sources, she was found by her husband, Nick Gordon, who began CPR before the police and paramedics arrived.

Reports are indicating that a police search found no drugs in the home (the same home they shared with Whitney).  The cause of her collapse has yet to be determined.  Her condition currently has been described as stable.

BOBBI                           Bobbi at an event on just days ago, January 25,2015.


Family members going to the hospital.


The condo in Roswell, GA where she lives with husband Nick Gordon


Whitney and Bobbi Christina

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I recently had a conversation with a friend who stated that she wanted to become a bit more likeable.  Her indication was that she was becoming a stick-in-the-mud.  How many of you have heard that phrase before?  My advise to her was to “be yourself”.  Some people will like you and some people won’t.  I really didn’t know there was an art to becoming more likeable and engaging.  This morning I began to check out some videos of a friend of mine and guess what?… He recently addressed that very topic.  So check out Ed Brown below.  And yes, this is my final post today… unless something really major comes across my path.



None of them understand me
They’re not here in my head
I’ve been through it all
At one point I thought I was dead

I play it over and over in my mind
I relive it almost every day
Some people they think I’m crazy
I’m not: but what can I say

“Why me?” I constantly ask myself
Is this really, I mean really – my life?
Who would have ever thought this would be me?
That in itself sometimes causes me strife

But… I’m strong and I’m sure to make it
And… one thing’s so certain and true
GOD… will grant me the strength to overcome
So… just concern yourself…with you

The above poem I wrote is a commentary on a medical condition called PTSD. Keep reading and you’ll understand what I mean.

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), once called shell shock or battle fatigue syndrome, is a serious condition that can develop after a person has experienced or witnessed a traumatic or terrifying event in which serious physical harm occurred or was threatened. PTSD is a lasting consequence of traumatic ordeals that cause intense fear, helplessness, or horror, such as a sexual or physical assault, the unexpected death of a loved one, an accident, war, or natural disaster. Families of victims can also develop PTSD, as can emergency personnel and rescue workers.
Most people who experience a traumatic event will have reactions that may include shock, anger, nervousness, fear, and even guilt. These reactions are common; and for most people, they go away over time. For a person with PTSD, however, these feelings continue and even increase, becoming so strong that they keep the person from living a normal life. People with PTSD have symptoms for longer than one month and cannot function as well as before the event occurred.
Symptoms of PTSD most often begin within three months of the event. In some cases, however, they do not begin until years later. The severity and duration of the illness vary. Some people recover within six months, while others suffer much longer.
Symptoms of PTSD often are grouped into three main categories, including:
• Reliving: People with PTSD repeatedly relive the ordeal through thoughts and memories of the trauma. These may include flashbacks, hallucinations, and nightmares. They also may feel great distress when certain things remind them of the trauma, such as the anniversary date of the event.
• Avoiding: The person may avoid people, places, thoughts, or situations that may remind him or her of the trauma. This can lead to feelings of detachment and isolation from family and friends, as well as a loss of interest in activities that the person once enjoyed.
• Increased arousal: These include excessive emotions; problems relating to others, including feeling or showing affection; difficulty falling or staying asleep; irritability; outbursts of anger; difficulty concentrating; and being “jumpy” or easily startled. The person may also suffer physical symptoms, such as increased blood pressure and heart rate, rapid breathing, muscle tension, nausea, and diarrhea.


According to reports a pregnant South Carolina woman will be charged with 3 counts of attempted murder.
Ebony Wilkerson, 32, drove her family’s minivan into the ocean off Daytona Beach, Florida on Tuesday. Witnesses said Wilkerson rolled up the windows and told bystanders everything was fine. But her 3 children told a different story. The frantic children rolled a window down and told bystanders their mother was trying to kill them.
“She told them to close their eyes and go to sleep. She was trying to take them to a better place,” Volusia County Sheriff Ben Johnson said. He said Wilkerson denied wanting to harm her children — ages 10, 9, and 3.
Wilkerson is reportedly linked to a fatal traffic accident that occurred in Delray Beach on Feb. 23, 2007.
Pregnant woman who drove van into ocean charged with attempting to murder her three kids.
Mugshot provided by: Splash News
The Post and Courier reports Wilkerson changed lanes on Interstate 95, causing another driver to lose control of his vehicle and slam into a tree. The driver survived but his 35-year-old wife died from her injuries 2 weeks later.
Wilkerson was cited for improper lane change, according to court records.
Hours before the Daytona Beach incident, Wilkerson’s sister called Daytona Beach police to say Wilkerson talked about demons before leaving the house with the children. Jessica Harrell told police she hid the keys to the minivan to prevent her sister from leaving. She said Wilkerson found another set of keys and left the house.
Police stopped the black Honda Odyssey a short time later, but they had to let Wilkerson go because she was “lucid” and did not present a danger to herself or the public.
The police report stated the children were sitting quietly, smiling, and showed no signs of distress.
After driving into the ocean, Wilkerson jumped out of the driver’s side window and did not attempt to save her children. Bystanders and lifeguards carried the children to safety.
Wilkerson was admitted into a psych facility for a court ordered mental evaluation.
Johnson said the children “were a bit shaken up by the incident,” but they were uninjured. “They are in our protective custody and they are safe.”
“You’re supposed to protect your children at all costs,” Johnson said at a news conference. “You’re not supposed to try to kill your children.”