I love stories that are interesting. This is one of those stories. Ceola Waddell Jr. is a 59 year old homeless man and has bee living at a busy underpass beneath L.A.’s 110 freeway. attitude and lifestyle are now on display for the world to see thanks to the internet. As of late, he has become an internet sensation. Check him out in the video above and peruse the story that I found on daiymail.com

“A homeless man who turned a freeway underpass into his personal paradise by furnishing it with a make-shift jacuzzi and four-poster bed has become a viral hit and unlikely tourist attraction.

Ceola Waddell Jr, 59, began living in the underpass in L.A.’s 110 freeway near Coliseum six months ago.

He has since foraged two porcelain toilets, discarded refrigerators, couches and two beds to transform the space into his personal refuge.

Despite becoming a viral hit thanks to a Facebook video of his dwellings, Waddell Jr faces having it all torn down by city officials.

They say the site is dangerous and that Waddell Jr has turned down their offers for help.

In a virtual tour posted to Facebook earlier this month, the cheery vagrant described the spot as ‘Paradise Lane’.”

Would you pay the $25.00 for a “room” in his “paradise?” You’ve got to give it to this guy, he’s taken a bad situation and made it better by his attitude. Additionally, he’s trying to be an entrepreneur. He better watch himself…. Uncle Sam will be calling!!!


You’ve got to see this video!

This is one of the most poignant testimonies that I think I’ve ever heard.  This was played in church today and the place exploded.  To some it may start off a bit slow but really gets real interesting at the 3:30 mark.  This pastor, Ron Archer talks about being born to a prostitute and his atheist upbringing.  Most importantly he talks about how GOD brought him out.  I hope you check this out and let me know what you think.  It is powerful!


This homeless man’s life has now changed.  If you listen to him play the piano, you’ll understand why.  He may have an unkempt appearance but the talent that he has is certainly spectacular.  There’s been over 2 million views of him playing a piano after this video was posted on Facebook a couple of days ago.  Even though he obviously does not yet realize his own potential, he soon will.  Just like the man years ago, named Ted Williams with the golden voice, someone will soon find him and turn this talent into a money-making opportunity.  One of the thins that I always tell people about life on this planet is that everything you see, is not necessarily what you see……….





I like this video because it is so thought-provoking.  Who do some of us think we are, really?  This is another one o those social experiments just to see how a person would react in a particular situation. In this instance, a “homeless” man is sitting on the street trying to “give” money to people as they pass by.  The reactions are… well stunning in most instances.  Watch and see for yourself.  Let me know what you think.  How would you react if a “homeless person” gave you money?


You’ve got to see this video.  If you have a heart, you will definitely be moved.  The video is a social experiment that happened in Canada.  The set-up:  A scantily-clad young boy is out on a cold day homeless and begging.  He then gets in his trash bag and lies down on the sidewalk.  You can tell that he is freezing cold.  People continue to walk by him until………..

If this had been an animal, how many people do you think would walk by like they did this young boy.  Are our priorities on correctly?  I know that we see so many homeless people on the street corners begging for money or food and we’ve become a bit desensitized but wow… This video here really puts it all in perspective.  Notice how many people stop to be nosey after the one man stops.


Wow! Check this video out. On it is a homeless man who sings for food, and HE CAN SING. Truthfully, he not only sings for food but for money as well. According to him, he made $204.00 in just twenty minutes… singing. Check him out. Would you pay to hear this man sing on the streets? I don’t see why not. It’s just entertainment.