This is yet another one of those songs that I’ve been grooving to for a while. I especially just love the lyrics to this one. You’re Bigger (Lyric Video) By Jekalyn Carr is a big hit in my book. This woman can sing. God has so much great talent on this planet. Can you imagine the talent that we never get to experience? I’m just glad I got a chance to experience this one.


I can’t imagine seeing anything cuter than this today!!! I don’t know where this little kid is from so I won’t be able to provide that information. This video was sent to me by loyal reader A. Renae and it only said the following: 4 Year Old Caleb T. Singing “This Little Light of Mine.”
AND sing it he did! I’m sure that his parents are just dumfounded and completely elated. I know I am. Enjoy!… and have a TERRIFIC THURSDAY!!!


I found this story on

This story is most interesting and in many ways it reminds me of the movie “Ghosts” and how it depicts what happens after death.  Before I get ahead of myself, here’s what is being reported.  There are people in Lophuri, Thailand who are claiming that after a terrible accident that happened there, they saw something that they believe to be “supernatural”.    There is also a video, posted above, to back up the claim.  In the video, a truck hit a person on a bike.  The biker was killed instantly after having being thrown off the bike when it hit a pole.  Immediately after the accident claimed the person’s life, a dark human-like figure appeared above the body almost as if the spirit has just left the person’s body.  I give this one a huge WOW!!!    If this video is indeed authentic, it is simply amazing but at the same time totally believable for someone like me who certainly believes in the spirit world. I also know that everything you see, is not what you see but also, seeing is sometimes believing (do you see what I mean?).  Let me know what you think.  I’m definitely “in the spirit” on this one.




I heard this song almost a week ago and it still keeps coming to mind.  It’s so interesting, when I heard it, I had no idea who was singing the song.  I googled it and to my surprise it was Tamar Braxton.  I already like some of her music but was really shocked that she had made this tune.  This song keeps coming up in my mind and I thought it was time to share.  I hope you enjoy it.