The KKK is getting a makeover (lol)…… [poor child—must be drunk… or high] according to John Abarr, a member of the Montana Klan, out with the old and in with the new – Klan, that is. He says the organization wants to add more diversity because they aim to build a strong America.
According to the Washington Times, “The new Klan will not focus on race, but rather on reining in the federal government and keeping Capitol Hill from establishing a “new world order” under a unified force.
Abarr has been busy folks. He has apparently got the attention of NAACP rep Jimmy Simmons, who he met last year and apparently convinced that the direction of the “new Klan” might be worth looking into. Simmons commented that if Abarr holds a peace summit next summer, he would “take a strong look” at joining” – this according to USA Today.
There are no words from me…


You must check out the story below. Are you sure that we are in 2014? Basically what happens here is that a white business owner in Chicago sees an older black woman smoking near his business and he got upset. The two began to argue. Yes, he got upset enough to say to her “Rosa Parks, move,” and he spit in her face. I forgot to mention, the black lady happens to be… a judge. Read the rest of the story below. “Rosa Parks”, this is more money for your retirement. You no longer have to sit on the bus.

By Steve Schmadeke

Tribune reporter

7:46 a.m. CDT, July 16, 2014

A North Side business owner slapped a 79-year-old Cook County judge in the face, spit on her and called her “Rosa Parks” after becoming angry that she was smoking near him outside the Daley Center, authorities said.

Monday’s attack outside the courthouse came as a shock to friends of Judge Arnette Hubbard, a silver-haired African-American jurist who was the first female president of the National Bar Association and Cook County Bar Association, both black lawyers’ groups.

“She’s an icon in our community,” said Delores Robinson, past president of the Cook County Bar Association, who noted that Hubbard, a former commissioner on the Cook County Board of Elections, had been an international election observer in Haiti and South Africa and had long been a voice on civil rights and women’s issues.

Cook County prosecutors said Tuesday that Hubbard was outside the Daley Center smoking a cigarette when she walked past David C. Nicosia, 55, who became angry that she was smoking near him.

The two argued and Nicosia, who is white, stepped near her face and said, “Rosa Parks, move,” and spit in her face, prosecutors said. As he walked away, the Law Division judge followed him and called out for assistance.

Nicosia then turned and allegedly slapped the judge on the left side of her face with an open hand, prosecutors said. He was then arrested by sheriff’s deputies and charged with four counts of aggravated battery and a hate crime.

Judge James Brown ordered him held on $90,000 bail Tuesday.

Chief Judge Timothy Evans, whose offices are also in the Daley Center, declined to comment. A representative said judicial rules of conduct barred Evans from speaking about a pending criminal case.

Born in Arkansas, Hubbard graduated from Southern Illinois University and John Marshall Law School and began her legal career in 1969 working on civil rights cases, according to online biographies. As part of the city’s African-American power structure, she spent several terms on the city’s election board as well as the cable commission.

Hubbard was appointed to the bench in 1997, re-elected to a six-year term the following year and retained since in two more elections, most recently in 2010.

Nicosia, who state records show is president of an IT consulting business, has no prior Cook County convictions. His attorney did not return a message seeking comment.

Friends of Hubbard were left shaking their heads Tuesday.

“People of good common sense and decency, people of good hearts should be outraged by this,” Robinson said. “Not just because of who she is but that this happened to anybody.”

“I’m still in shock,” said longtime friend Geraldine Simmons, 75, also a past president of the Cook County Bar Association, who questioned whether deputies acted quickly enough.


Some of the things that you hear from the pulpit nowadays is totally ridiculous!!! What WORD are some of these preachers preaching from? It is certainly NOT THE WORD OF GOD!!! When I saw this video, it really saddened me. And to think that a lot of these people seemed to really enjoy what the pastor was saying. I just want you to listen for yourself and let me know if it’s just me or this………………………. is this totally out of order. I think that some of these people get up on that pulpit for entertainment purposes only.


Oh my goodness. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry after watching this video. Truthfully, I laughed because I just couldn’t believe that it happened like this; but it did. Here’s the set up: A pastor is preaching and he calls a young man up and the pastor begins to pray for the young man. The pastor then begins to cast demons out of the man when all of a sudden… well, you’ve got to see the rest for yourself.


While in Malaysia, the President of The United States, Barak Obama, responds to the ignorant comments made by the owner of the LA Clippers. I’m glad he addressed the issue. There still many who really don’t think this is a big issue. If you really want to see how big of an issue this is, just google the story about what the owner said and take a look at most of the comments. It is simply amazing how much hate there is in this world. I pray for these people.


The story below is another nightmare of a story. Can you imagine going into a store and being accused of shoplifting… even though you weren’t. Can you imagine being strip-searched over a pair of $3.00 earrings that you did not take. The couple in the story below had this experience…but trust me, before this nightmare is over… it will turn into a beautiful dream for this couple because they will get paid for being humiliated.

By Will Lerner
April 11, 2014 4:19 PM
Deadra Pattum and her fiancé, John Marsden, were at Y Beauty Supply in Houston, Texas last week, because Ms. Pattum was interested in buying some hair extensions. What should have been an everyday shopping experience became a humiliating one when the couple was accused by a store employee of trying to shoplift a pair of $3 earrings, as KHOU 11 News reports.
When Pattum bought the hair extensions, she noticed she had been overcharged on her receipt. When she brought it to a store employee’s attention, she was told she was overcharged because she and her fiancé had tried taking a $3 pair of earrings. The only thing is – she never took those earring. Ms. Pattum told KHOU, “I picked them up but I put them back.” Mr. Marsden says that the employee then said, “[The owner’s] like, ‘You steal. You people always steal.’ And he said, ‘Give me earrings, I call police.’” That’s right – ‘you people.’ Geez.
Pattum and Marsden say they were forced to remain in the store, and that Marsden was ordered by the store manager to be strip-searched. He recounted to the station, “So I took off my socks, my shoes, I took off my pants. I was nervous. I was shaking a little bit. I was petrified.” It was all unnecessary. A store security guard who looked at surveillance video couldn’t find anything amiss. The guard, whose identity was not revealed by KHOU, told the station, “I know that she wasn’t shoplifting.” Houston Police watched the video and came to the same conclusion.

Community activist and leader of the New Black Panther Party in Houston, Quanell X, told KHOU, “This was a classic case of racial profiling in its most humiliating form and something needs to be done about this.” The couple wants police to pursue charges against the store for an unlawful search, and Mr. Marsden says he wants, “more than an apology.” KHOU tried speaking to the owners of Y Beauty Supply, but were turned away.


Have you ever heard a child tell a story that was so real, so far-reaching, so beyond their level of comprehension that you knew that they were telling the truth? This is one of those stories. Though the administrators at this school may say that no one at their school told this little girl that she could not pray here, they lie. Sure, we may never know which adult is the guilty party here; the truth is… this little girl has no idea of the huge TRUTH that she just told. Take a look at this video and tell me whether you agree with my assessment or not. Wisdom tells me that I am on the right track.
WKMG Local 6 spoke to Michael Lawrence, the communications officer for Seminole County Schools who said, “The situation as stated by the parent has not occurred according to the school’s investigation…We’re dealing with very young children here so there’s quite a bit of an opportunity for miscommunication to occur. The timing and the issues were very odd considering that the first thing that happened was that a video was done, it was on YouTube.” The school district says the parents did not contact school officials until after posting the YouTube video, but Mr. Perez denied that claim and said he sent the district several emails before his post.


This post is for all of you who want to go on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and any other social media site and post all of your business. What’s wrong with you??? Quite frankly, this type of behavior is sooooo dumb until it’s unreal. Yet, many have a need to let everyone know, play by play, exactly what they are doing 24/7. Before social media got as big as it is, I remember working with a guy who told me that he felt bad about something that he did in his past. I asked him what he did and he confessed that one of his friends asked him to watch his apartment while he was out of town for a few days. He said that he waited for the guy to leave and he broke into his “friends” apartment. Needless to say, that was the last conversation that I had with the guy. Why??? In my opinion, he was much too dangerous for me. I told you that story to let you know that everyone does not have your best interests at heart. And… your best bet is to keep some of your business to yourself. In the news recently is the perfect example of what I’m telling you. Perhaps this woman should have also been arrested as an accessory to the crime, or for just plain dumbness.

Eurweb.com reports:
One California woman learned this lesson the hard way.
Stacey Grant posted a note on Facebook telling friends that she and her family were away on vacation in Las Vegas. Hours later, a U-Haul was at her front door, with three men stealing everything they could get their hands on.
It can happen to anyone. You put up a post and someone “Likes” it. This is what Michael Batson, 21, did after the status update Stacey posted went up.
He went a step further and text messaged her, inquiring about her trip with her family in Las Vegas, Nevada.
But police say they saw Batson and two others — Phillip McKnight, 32, and Tyrone Gibson, 20 — as they loaded property from the woman’s Fontana home into a U-Haul truck parked outside.
They got suspicious because it happened at 3a.m.
facebook 2
Stacey Grant
Grant said she had posted a note on Facebook that she was enjoying a vacation with family in Vegas. But she soon found out that her info had been used by one of her online “friends” to burglarize her home.
“It was hurtful,” Grant told KNBC-TV. “My whole room was trashed. There were clothes everywhere. My bed was gone.”
Officers sitting on a stakeout nearby spotted the three men break into the Windcrest Drive home and patiently watched as they loaded up the truck with items that included flat screen televisions and furniture.
facebook 3

facebook 3
Stacey’s room was a mess
All three men were arrested at the scene and police called Grant’s family, who cut their vacation short and headed home right away.
The suspects were booked on charges that include burglary, possession of stolen property and conspiracy.