There’s a phrase tat says “when you’re dead, you’re done. Well, not so fast. Not if Kenneth Doulas has anything to do with it. You see recently, Douglas admitted to having sex with female corpses (that’s dead people, y’all). Perhaps he was concerned about… (wait for it..)
birth control. The main story was taken from eurthisnthat.com
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One employee at an Ohio morgue has admitted to having sex with female corpses while at work.
-WCPO in Cincinnati reports Kenneth Douglas worked the night shift at the Hamilton County morgue from 1976 to 1992. In a deposition he revealed he had sex with up to 100 dead bodies, while drunk or high. “I would just get on top of them and pull my pants down, ” confessed Douglas.

Douglas was charged and convicted in 2012 of three cases of abusing a corpse, and the county was sued by the families of the victims. In 2008, his DNA was discovered on the body of a 19 year old woman who had died in 1992. Douglas admitted to having sex with her and multiple other women while the bodies were awaiting autopsies. Another one of Douglas’ victims included a 23 year old that he had abused on the same day she died. She had been strangled and was six months pregnant.

Douglas’ wife had attempted to reveal her husband’s behavior, but she was ignored by the county. According to WCPO, Mrs. Douglas testified in court that she had called to report that her husband was coming home smelling like “sex and alcohol” but was told whatever happens on county property is county business.

Although Hamilton County officials said they couldn’t be held accountable for the actions of their employees, according to WCPO, a judge ruled on Friday that a jury could find the county’s former coroner and morgue reckless for neglecting to supervise Douglas.

This is the fourth lawsuit the county has faced for improperly handling corpses.