Yesterday was one of those days…  A good day, that is.  Actually, every day is a good day but yesterday was one of those days that took me back a bit.  By back I mean all the way back to the Civil Rights Movement.  You see, yesterday I decided to go down to the King Center in Atlanta to take a few pictures so that I could post for Black History Month.  I did not see a sign that prohibited me from taking pictures and I’m not trying to profit off of the pictures I took so hopefully posting these pictures is lawful.  Of course, the trip (about 25 minutes from home) for me was so much more than that. It really made me appreciate the struggle for freedom even more as I began to see the images of blacks marching, being beaten with batons, being sprayed with water hoses, and so much more.  The struggle for freedom was so that generations of children would not have to endure some of the same challenges that were faced by our ancestors.


As a child living in North Carolina, I personally can remember seeing a “whites only” fountain.  I can also remember having to sit in the balcony at the local movie theatre.  And all of this was in the 60’s.  I even remember going to segregated schools not by choice but because that is where we had to go.  My first experience with integration was when I went to the 5th grade.  I never faced some of the extreme hardships that some of our descendants faced but nonetheless, I can still identify with the struggle that they endured.


While I was at the King Center, I not only thought about Dr. Martin Luther King but I  began to reflect on some of the names of the people like Hosea Williams, Ralph David Abernathy, Rosa Parks, Andrew Young, John Lewis(who I met recently), Jesse Jackson, and Coretta Scott King.  I began to wonder what our lives would look like today with these pioneers.  The sacrifice that they made for freedoms sake is poignant to say the least.

king2Dr. Martin Luther King Jr./Coretta Scott Kings Burial Siteking3

While there I had conversations with some of the people who were also there.  Some with their young kids, some of various races, some on a mission to also reflect back on what their lives too would look like without these legends who risked their lives for justice.  A black gentleman with his two young sons said to me that he really wanted his kids to get a good visual as to what things looked like for blacks in America just only a few decades ago.  As I stood in one place I overhead a young white lady say to her mother “this is just horrible.”  Pictures can only begin to tell the story of what has happened in the past, and in some instances what continues to happen even to this day.  There are still too many stories about blacks getting beaten or killed by white cops and we’re in 2015.  Let us to continue to march on…’til victory is won!        kingking1

king11The New Ebenezer Baptist Church

king12king6Clothes he wore on his journeyking7King had bling


noun: provocation; plural noun: provocations
1. action or speech that makes someone annoyed or angry, especially deliberately.
“you should remain calm and not respond to provocation”
synonyms: goading, prodding, egging on, incitement, pressure; More
annoyance, irritation, nettling;
harassment, plaguing, molestation; teasing, taunting, torment;affront, insults;
informalhassle, aggravation
action or speech held to be likely to prompt physical retaliation.
“the assault had taken place under provocation”
2.Medicine – testing to elicit a particular response or reflex.
“twenty patients had a high increase of serum gastrin after provocation with secretin”

If you’ve visited this site for any length of time, you already know that I’m a big fan of reality tv. Recently, I watched the fiery reunion for the Real Housewives of Atlanta (Part 1). In the clip above Porsha Williams, the granddaughter of civil rights leader Hosea Williams, was provoked by Kenya Moore (former Miss America). Porsha responded by dragging Kenya across the stage. The women on The View discussed this incident and in my opinion, they got it right.
Sometimes people get just what they deserve and Kenya was on the receiving end… just what she deserved. Sure, here at studiotj, every attempt is made to keep it positive and I’m positive… that Kenya got just what she deserved. Check out the clip below and let me know what you think.


Keynote Speaker, Janice Andrew, District 44 Governor, Toastmasters

Yesterday I attended an event in downtown Atlanta for Dress for Success Atlanta. This organization prides itself in empowering disadvantaged women as they prepare themselves for career improvement. They have in fact launched a Going Places Network by Walmart. You can find out more information by going to their website:

Check out this excerpt from their website:
“The Going Places Network by Walmart helps unemployed and under-employed Dress for Success clients gain professional skills, accelerate their job search and build confidence through weekly training sessions, one-on-one career coaching and networking in a supportive environment. This program was first piloted in New York City in 2009 in response to the challenging economic climate and implemented last year by several other affiliates.”
The topic of the meeting yesterday was communication and Janet Andrews, District 44 Governor for Toastmasters International was brought in as the keynote speaker. Toastmasters is an organization that helps to hone individuals’ public speaking and leadership skills. I am a member of Toastmasters and I love this organization I was able to present several table topics to the enthusiastic crowd. You can learn more information about Toastmasters by going to I have been in talks with Janet Thornton of the Dress for Success Atlanta organization about beginning a Toastmasters club to accent what they are already doing. Here are some of the pictures from the event.
Janet Thornton, in the middle – in white – Dress for Success event organizer


If you live in the Atlanta area, this scene is very familiar to you today. OLD MAN WINTER, as some would call it, has reappeared. When I look at this scene, it reminds me of a scripture from Job 38:22, 23. God is speaking to Job in a whirlwind and asking him questions:
22 Hast thou entered into the treasures of the snow? or hast thou seen the treasures of the hail,
23 Which I have reserved against the time of trouble, ?
God says that he has snow and hail on reserve…against the day of battle and war! Take time to read the entire passage if you really want to be impressed. At any rate, I’m posting this video in case you did not know, there is… NOBODY GREATER! by Vashawn Mitchell. Enjoy your day.


There have been reports that there has been some movement in the grave of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The reports began to circulate when news broke that his three youngest children, Martin Luther King III, Dexter King, and Bernice King, were fighting… again. Apparently, he’s turning over in his grave. This time the fight concerns the late civil rights leaders’ “traveling bible” and his Nobel Peace Prize.
MLK Jr.’s sons, have asked a judge to force Bernice to relinquish the aforementioned items. According to the AP, “Martin Luther King Jr.’s heirs in 1995 assigned their rights to property inherited from the civil rights icon to the Estate of Martin Luther King Jr. Inc. The lawsuit says Bernice King has “secreted and sequestered” the medal and Bible in violation of that agreement.”
For her part, Bernice issued a statement that her brothers want the items so they can sell them to a private buyer. She has stated that she is against that.


snow and ice
snow storm

Posted below is a short video of the snow and ice that crippled Atlanta on yesterday, 1/28/2014. I actually was headed to a meeting yesterday in the city around 1:00 pm. The snow had already started around 10:00am but it was very light snow (you know, the dangerous kind). That snow (ice) was just a part of the layering process. Before I got into the city, I was advised that the snow was much heavier in the city and I decided not to go. GOOD CHOICE!!! I know several stories but none worse than a friend of mine who left work in the Ashford-Dunwoody area around 2:00 pm yesterday. The last time I spoke with her last night, it was around 10:00 pm. I sent her a text around 10:00 this morning and I learned that she was still stuck out in the snow and ice. She had been out there ALL NIGHT! I was devastated! She finally made it in around 2:00pm today (it usually takes her around 35-40 minutes at the most. There is enough blame to go around and I’m sure many lawsuits are already in the making. Sure, her story was bad, but there were many other stories as well. Reportedly, there have been some deaths also in this Georgia winter storm. There were school students who had to stay in the schools, there were students who spent the night on school buses on the interstate, there were people who abandoned their cars altogether (they walked for miles to get home). The stories of how a 2.6 inch snow/ice crippled a metropolitan city go on and on.