This is the first song that I thought about today when I began thinking about a way to say THANK YOU to all of the bloggers, friends, and anyone who comes to visit this blog. The truth is that we all need each other on this planet more than we know in order to survive. I think about all of the violence going on in this country basically regarding race. I think it is so ironic that in one week to see people fighting each other and then the next week pulling together to watch the sun and the moon (the eclipse). AND then the following week people having to merge together to support each other because of a major hurricane that is devastating lives. Sometimes we can’t see the big picture because we’re all up in the frame.
Okay, back to the reason I’m doing this post. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU…for all of the likes, the comments, the love, the education, the friendship, and just for being you. If I posted this song before, just know that I like the song just as much now as I did before. Again, I appreciate you all…
“I NEED YOU TO SURVIVE” is by Hezekiah Walker and the Love Fellowship Choir…

6 thoughts on “I NEED YOU TO SURVIVE……….. THANK YOU

  1. That’s a beautiful song and so true. Christ has a Body.

    I appreciate you too. You are an inspiration and tower of motivational strength.

    As the Apostle Paul wrote, first the natural, then the spiritual. Cancer and other diseases show us what happens when the cells of the body attack it, consume the good, and spread to other parts of the body to do the same until life is no longer sustainable and the body dies.

    The same is true for the divisions in mankind that are motivated by hate in all of its various categories. We must continue to pray and to a light, for those things spiritually are like applying radiation and chemo to deadly cells seeking to devour mankind.

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    • And to that….AMEN! YOU already know that I consider you one of the LIGHTHOUSES out here. You always manage to shine your light in the spot necessary to bring attention to some of this world’s evil(s). NEVER underestimate the importance of what you’re doing. I am so happy that we got acquainted with one another and perhaps someday we will meet. Xena, Thank you…for being you!


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