It’s amazing how much we need each other on this planet. Too often we get into our own cocoon and act like we don’t need other people. BUT then life happens and we easily come to realize that we in fact do need other people. Whether it’s a neighbor to watch your house while you’re on vacation, or a stranger to help you pick up something that you can’t quite manage yourself, or perhaps a friend to listen when you need a shoulder to cry on……we all need someone. Sometimes the answer to your problem is sitting right next to you BUT if you don’t open your mouth, you may never know. We are placed in each others lives for various reasons. As much as we so desperately try to be independent, we find ourselves needing someone else for some reason. Here’s hoping you find that someone that you need and who needs you….
This song is by Hezekiah Walker: “I need you to Survive.”

11 thoughts on “I NEED YOU………….

  1. i like how you take the simplest thought and make it a profound statement of life, i like to think i don’t need anyone, but i need my kids in my life and aren’t they someone? good reflection piece here!

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