Fitnessgrad at was kind enough to nominate studiotj for the Versatile Blogger Award. If you’ve never been to her site, you just must go there. Her site is all about fitness. Check her blog out and you just might get a good workout.
I am ever so grateful for her support and as we do here on WordPress, it’s time to pass it on. There are many sites who are “award-free”. I do respect their choice however, when I take time to make my nominations, I don’t take time to investigate who is/is not “award-free”. If you happen to be one of my nominees and you have an “award-free” site, please just accept it as me supporting you and what you do.

Anytime that I receive an award, I think about the first award that I received and it was from Xena at
Her support really helped me to understand the WordPress process. She probably has already received this award but….here you go again.
I know that there are names that I have forgotten/overlooked but please forgive me. I have come into contact with the following sites and I wish to offer them this award as a sign of support.

AND the other nominees are……… devereaux-frazier

Nominees, I challenge you to find a new blogger to pass the support on to. Thank each of you again for all of the support that you give!!!


  1. TJ,
    Thanks again. I accepted the award and nominated other bloggers.

    This time, I decided to do things a bit differently, mainly because going to other blogs and finding their About page to post the nomination can be very time consuming. Before Word Press introduced the newest themes, it was much faster.

    Also, I did not go to each blog separately to announce nominations because I was testing to see just how many people actually read blog posts, as opposed to using the Reader to click “like” and move on. I figured that if the nominees read the post, that they would leave a comment.

    None of the nominees did. 😦

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      • Yeah Roach, I’m a little disappointed. If there’s a next time, I’ll just post that the first 12 bloggers wanting the award post a comment. Kinda like separating the sheep from the lambs. (No, I didn’t make a mistake.) 🙂


      • You know how it is… There’s a saying that goes “you can lead a horse to water, but can’t make him drink. I think that they have in fact seen your nominations and have just not gotten around to acknowledge the same. I’m being optimistic……….very!!!

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      • Same here. I have to be optimistic. I have noticed that in the last several weeks, Word Press has changed the Reader. When bloggers publish more than one post within minutes of each other, the Reader only gives the “headline” and if you want to read more, you have to visit the blog. That’s fine with me when there are 2 posts, but some bloggers publish 5 or more in a row, and they don’t have themes with borders that allow you to see recent posts on their blogs. It takes going back and forth between the Reader and the blog for as many times as the number of posts published.

        I used to have a system of using the Reader and clicking “like” to posts, then after getting Word Press email notifications, I could visit the blog later (mostly on weekends) and read the entire posts. However, Word Press removed that function from the Reader. It makes it more difficult to support other bloggers in a timely way.


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