Heap dirt. Isolated on white background

Heap dirt. Isolated on white background

One day earlier this week. I commented on one of my co-worker’s new hairdo (or don’t…if you know what I mean). She responded…… “YES!!! I am the queen on her throne—-looking down on all these peasants.” I assured her that she didn’t have far down to look. Her comment was that there are plenty of people that she looks down on. Of course, I assured her that on this planet, we are all the same. She on the other hand indicated that we definitely are not. I encouraged her to take time to stand near the restroom and watch how many people during the course of the day go in and sit on the same commode…..
This conversation reminded me of a sermon I heard being preached by Megachurch Pastor, TD Jakes. Jakes also has a daytime talk show. This sermon was several years ago and I’m not sure what exactly he was preaching about. I just remember the part where Jakes talked about dirt.
Genesis 2:7 King James Bible
And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.

Jakes reminded the congregation as the bible indicates, we are all dirt. He went on to say that we may buy designer clothes…for our dirt, get a degree… for our dirt, or even get a fancy car to drive our dirt around. BUT………….it’s still all dirt. That, my friends is such a wonderful lesson in people realizing that no one person on this planet is better than the other. Right now, I’ve got to put my dirt in the shower. Enjoy the remainder of this beautiful day!!!

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