Today is Friday and a great relief for some. I think a lot of us look forward to the end of the week so that we can begin our weekend of rest, hanging out with family, being away from work, or whatever means of relaxation that the weekend brings. A couple of days ago I met a lady at work who had a defeated look on her face. I asked her what was bothering her. She said that she was having a bad day. I told that I did not believer her. She asked why. I suggested to her that perhaps she had had a bad moment but certainly not a bad day. She smiled and thanked me for putting her “moment” in perspective. I think that’s exactly what we all need from time to time…someone to help us to put it all in perspective (shifting the paradigm). When I woke up this morning, loyal reader A. Renae had sent me the above song in my in-box. This song “Turning Around For Me” by Vashawn Mitchell does just that. Despite what you’re going through, as one blogger so eloquently states at the end of every post…..”this too shall pass.” I hope your weekend is great!!! Keep it in your mind that it’s…………… “Turning Around For Me.”

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