This classic by icons Whitney & Mariah still gives me that wonderful feeling. Because of their vocal greatness,there was rumor long ago that these two were feuding. They put the rumor to rest by performing this great song “When You Believe” together. They both have many Billboard records and unfortunately Whitney is no longer physically with us. Today I’m celebrating them by posting this duet. Enjoy!!!

2 thoughts on “DO YOU BELIEVE???

  1. 18 Years ago today may family lost someone dear to us and as I listened to this song I remembered that she had learned of an up coming birth in our family and her first thing was to say that how she believed that her little play brother was going to be a great dad. Little did we know that we would all be blessed with a wonderful little girl and that the belief that our play sister had would be so true because that play brother is a dynamic daddy to that soon to be 18 year old young lady. So with that being said Happy Birthday to my brother and happy Remembrance Day to my play sister Wanda in heaven, I do believe we will see you again!


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