The post below was done in 2013. Now it is 3 years later and 6 years after the death of Keith Harrell, I’m still honoring his memory. This friend of mine was a highly sought motivational speaker who was getting paid $25,000 per speech at the time of his untimely death. He lived this “ATTITUDE.” He had a way of lighting the room with his presence. No,he wasn’t a comedian but he would keep you laughing constantly. This year I’m posting a video that was compiled in his memory. This is one that I haven’t seen before. I’m not posting the 3 videos that is mentioned in the paragraph below. At the end of my paragraph below, check out words from another one friend who knew him. Check Keith out in the above video and you’ll see why he was so loved all around the world.

Posted originally on December 12, 2013

While driving to work one October day three years ago, I received a phone call from a friend, Vanessa. She kindly asked if I was sitting down. I informed her that I was driving to work. She asked me to call her back when I got to work. Of course, I urged her to tell me what was going on. She informed me that our close friend, Keith Harrell, had died. My heart sank into my stomach. You see, I knew that Keith had had some challenges with his back yet, I had no idea that he was suffering with spinal cancer. He exuded such a tremendous attitude that I’m sure that not many people knew. Truthfully, I was sort of mad with him that after all of the conversations that we had… about everything, he never mentioned this “minor” detail.
Today would have been his 57th birthday. If he were alive, I would have received or made a phone call to Vanessa (aka Vanessa Truelove). The three of us were close and we always reminded each other of our birthdays. I’m celebrating Keith’s birthday by posting his “ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING” series, parts 1 through 3. I hope you take the time to watch them all. Usually when a person dies, people always talk about how great that person was. I’m not going to say that about him because Keith was not great. He was SUPERFANTASTIC!!! Happy Birthday, my friend.
Check out what Vanessa had to say below:

Keith Harrell
When you walked into a room, your larger than life personality caused us to notice! Your presence was that of light, love and fun! We could count on a “Praise The Lord and Have a Super-Fantastic Day!” to flow from your mouth to our ears within the conversation!

Your face should be in the dictionary next to the word ATTITUDE for those of us who were blessed to know and love you! You my friend, took my attitude and my world to a whole new level of Better, Greater, Stronger & Higher! My dreams of making a positive difference in this world are exponentially bigger because of you. You truly made a mark in not just my world, but THE WORLD that will NEVER be erased!

I miss you so much and on this your earth/birthday, We celebrate the fact that you lived and we had the wonderful opportunity to be a part of your Super-Fantastic & Super-Blessed Life!

Vanessa Truelove😉



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