I heard this song yesterday and it still blows me away. 56-year-old Jennifer Holliday sang “And I’m Telling You” on Broadway many years ago. Her breakout role in “Dreamgirls” earned the dynamic singer a Tony Award. I can recall seeing her perform this song on the Tony Awards the year that she won and I had never seen or heard anything like her before. This song has been covered by the likes of Jennifer Hudson and Whitney Houston but….none can top the original JENNIFER HOLLIDAY. She is currently starring on Broadway in the classic “Color Purple.”



      • I would never sell my turntable. 🙂 There’s a cabinet filled with 45’s and albums that would grow lonely without it. 🙂 It’s the type that I can use while connected to my component set, or plug into my laptop and it will record as the record plays. Then I can burn it to CD. But, just doing one album takes about an hour. I scratched the conversion process after the third album because it would take me almost a decade to complete it. LOL!

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      • Xena,
        I still have some 45s and albums that I’ve been holding onto forever. I have this thing for cassette tapes. And… I still record things on cassettes. So you’re not alone in the ice age………lol


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