I tried to stay out of all of this political garbage this time but after I heard this speech, I just knew that I had to post it. First Lady Michelle Obama really puts all of the disturbing comments that have been attributed to the republican nominee for president, Donald Trump, in perspective. I have no idea what your political affiliation is nor do I care. What I do care about is posting thought-provoking and inspirational pieces on this site. I hope you take time to listen at what she has to say because she really says a lot. Trump, in my opinion, is delusional at best and I do know that he has a lot of supporters. WHY? That is the million dollar question that I’m sure some of the readers of this blog will attempt to answer. Regardless of any comment, I’ve seen enough of this man to know that he is definitely unfit to occupy the office of President of the United States of America. Beauty pageant contestants would be disqualified for saying a third of the things that Trump has said and to think that he would be fit to lead this nation… is absolutely absurd. I certainly agree with what the First Lady has to say and most definitely…… I’m with her!!!



    • I can’t imagine this country electing someone for President who is a mean-spirited and delusional as one of our current candidates. My prayer is that God’s will is done and I’m certainly trusting that HIS WILL is certainly obvious at this time!


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