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This story is most interesting and in many ways it reminds me of the movie “Ghosts” and how it depicts what happens after death.  Before I get ahead of myself, here’s what is being reported.  There are people in Lophuri, Thailand who are claiming that after a terrible accident that happened there, they saw something that they believe to be “supernatural”.    There is also a video, posted above, to back up the claim.  In the video, a truck hit a person on a bike.  The biker was killed instantly after having being thrown off the bike when it hit a pole.  Immediately after the accident claimed the person’s life, a dark human-like figure appeared above the body almost as if the spirit has just left the person’s body.  I give this one a huge WOW!!!    If this video is indeed authentic, it is simply amazing but at the same time totally believable for someone like me who certainly believes in the spirit world. I also know that everything you see, is not what you see but also, seeing is sometimes believing (do you see what I mean?).  Let me know what you think.  I’m definitely “in the spirit” on this one.




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