It’s still hard to believe that it has been seven years since Michael Jackson’s death (August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009).  I remember the day he died and I also remember a few family members and friends calling to check on me because they knew how big of a fan I still am of this iconic individual.  I think we all know that there will never be another to come and do it like Michael did it.  He mesmerized the world for the most of his life and truthfully he still continues to amaze.  Most artists will continue to tell you of the huge impact that Michael has on their music.  His music still sets the bar high….very high!  I’m posting MAN IN THE MIRROR for your enjoyment.

****To those who have a problem with this blog celebrating THE KING OF POP or any other artist…. please forward your emails to****

(I’m frankly not interested!!!) #ITAIN’TTHATSERIOUS!   Also remember to take a fresh look at:  “THE MAN IN THE MIRROR.”


8 thoughts on “REMEMBERING MICHAEL JACKSON 8/29/58 – 6/25/09

  1. I have just spent the last four months reading everything I can on this beautiful man who was so preposterously treated and it broke my heart. I can’t find anyone except my 7-yr-old granddaughter, whose now taken up with reading about him herself, to talk to without them snickering. I would so much like to have known how he could have affected the world had things been different for him. Heartbreaking.

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