You’re gonna love this especially when you se who the special guests are. All of this is recorded for The Late Show with James Corden.  I’m not sure who’s enjoying this the most, James or his guests.  You gotta see this…….. “Holla back”…


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      • Awwwwww!!! That is so sweet of you to think of me. Today I’m thinking of the Gray family. Can you imagine what they are going through with all of these acquittals?

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      • There has only been 1 acquittal thus far. The other was a hung jury and he will be retried. I was going to blog about it, but prefer to wait for the trial with murder charges.

        The second cop opted for a bench trial — no jury, just the judge. That automatically indicates a finding of not guilty. I don’t know of one bench trial case where a cop is defendant that did not come out as an acquittal.


    • Thanks!!! for stopping by.
      The way I get the video to load is that I go to youtube and I start the video. I then put my cursor on the video and I right click to copy the video url. I then go back to my site and paste it. Make sure that nothing else is on the line where you paste the video url. Let me know how it goes. Good Luck!!!


      • Hi, thank for the reply! When I paste the URL onto my blog, it just remains as a URL rather than showing the youtube screen with the play icon?

        Thank you for your help! Really appreciate it!

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      • Ok try this. Make sure that the video is playing before you right click on it. Also, don’t expect to see it on your page when you paste it. Publish it and go to to see if it has been posted and is playing there or just go to your main site after you publish it. I hope that works. Let me know.

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      • There’s nothing to be sorry about. I butted in with my 2 cents trying to be helpful.

        (When I comment on a page I subscribe to comments, and that is why I saw the exchange.)

        If anything, maybe I should apologize for butting in. 🙂

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      • I didn’t even realize that’s what happened. I needed you to jump in/assist on a comment that I made yesterday but it was so terse that it never saw the light of day. Someone had the audacity to invite me to read a post of theirs that I thought was particularly racist (I think they thought I was of another race) and I had to give him a just a glimpse of who he’s really dealing with!!! As a matter of fact, check out the post yourself and tell me what you think. Of course he wouldn’t post my reply:


      • Looks as if he made the rounds to people who generally blog about peace and unity, and asked them to come and comment on his blog. I say this because I recognize several bloggers who clicked “like” to that post. He received a few comments of correction. For me, the photo is intended to inflame and insult. That means, I only scanned his post because the “shock” photo was an immediate turn off. Personally, I wouldn’t waste time on him.

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      • I’m usually very reserved when it comes to this type of thing… it really took me about six hours to decide to address this clown. I released my rage when I hit the send button. I also kindly asked him to not come to my site again. I don’t have a lot of time for IGNORANCE!!!


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