I found the story below on and it is horrific.    The police are at it again.  This lady’s story is both scary and sad.  AND… the video seems to back up her claims that the officers were very much out of line.  What really saddens me most is the fact that these “officers” act like they are on the playground and having fun when in all actuality, they are toying with the lives of individuals like you and me.  Watch the video and tell me if you would have reacted like Mrs. Brown.  I think I would have been terrified!

By Erin Marquis

Reverend Catherine Brown is suing the Chicago Police Department over a 2013 traffic stop where she says she was the victim of excessive force. Her lawyer released the dashboard camera footage of the May 2013 incident last week.

Brown told CBS Chicago she was pulling into her driveway with her two young children in the back seat from an alley when a speeding squad car without lights or sirens on blocked her path. Officers Michelle Murphy and Jose Lopez were in that squad car. She said Murphy jumped out of the car, cursing at Brown and demanding she reverse her vehicle from outside of her home.

“It startled me,” Brown told to CBS. “I reached for my license … the other officer takes the gun and points it at the front of my head.”

Brown called 911 several times. In the tapes, you can hear her 8-year-old and 1-year-old daughters crying in the background. Brown requested a lieutenant or police to come and help her. Instead of waiting for a supervisor, Murphy and Lopez tried to force Brown from her car. Brown reversed her vehicle quickly in terror. The police got back into their own car and chased after Brown. Brown stopped on the main street only to have her car rammed by the Chicago Police car. Brown popped out of her car and started shouting for her neighbors to help. Murphy then pepper-sprayed Brown while Lopez laughed. Murphy then jumped on to a nearby parked car and trained her gun on Brown. Lopez stuck her car with a metal stick, and then both officers participated in the beating.

“Beat me down to my underwear, pulled my skirt off me,” Brown says. “They beat me with the sticks and hit me with their boots in my head.”

Brown was charged with attempted murder because Murphy claimed Brown dragged her while backing out of the alley. She was acquitted on the attempted murder charge, but was convicted of reckless conduct a misdemeanor, for driving in reverse. She’s appealing the conviction.

The Chicago Police Department declined to comment, citing pending litigation. However, the Citizens Police Data Project shows both officers have a history with excessive force. Murphy has had 19 complaints made against her and Lopez has had 21.


  1. It is a scary situation when a person or people have authority to wrongfully take control over your body, your possessions, your life, and you know they can get away with the wrong. With the prior complaints filed against those officers, they had no business being on the street.

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    • They absolutely had no business on the street. There is still question now as to whether they are on the street. Can you imagine the innocent citizens that encounter these monsters??? They absolutely have to be horrified!!!

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    • Yes it is a start but can you imagine the things that we don’t get to see. These cops are out of control!!! I’m all for body cameras for every law enforcement official that’s on the street.

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  2. We need to address this on every front possible. My blog aims to gently wake up the white moms who are supporting and propagating white patriarchy. So far I’m not great at the gentle part, lol. Because the injustices are infuriating to read about. But that is a mild unpleasantness compared to what the victims are enduring daily, so I will continue and I hope you do too!

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    • None of us can fulfill our greatest potential if we are not equally sharing what little accountability and influence we have in a balanced way. Certainly the victims of those who are perpetrating misdeeds on others have a tough road to climb but… when they hurt, we all hurt in some manner. There is no “gently” to what you are doing and thankfully so. Kudos to you for STANDING UP to fight injustice. We all need to follow your lead!

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