Okay first of all, I’m not posting this to be mean spirited BUT someone sent me this picture and I thought I’d share it.  Also, anyone who knows me knows that I am not a big Bernie fan.  He already knows that he WILL NOT be the nominee but he has an audience and he won’t sit down.  At any rate, this is just a bit of Monday humor.  Enjoy it or……keep it moving!

9 thoughts on “POLITICAL HUMOR

      • ROFLOL! Well, back in the day, I had a “bag” cell phone, then went to a “brick” cell phone. I know that some people live on their cell phones. Most people can catch me while I’m at home. My son did give me a pre-pay cell phone to carry when I leave the house in case of emergency, but I only turned it on twice in 2 years. Each time it’s because Comcast went dead during storms and I called to report the outage. I donated it to some organization but chances are that no one wants it. It was given to me in 2007. LOL!

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      • For years I refused to get one but about 15 years ago I finally. One week after I got that phone, I left church one evening and many car broke down in a place that if I didn’t have the ☎, I would have had to walk for miles.
        My 78 year old mother has a cell phone and texts regularly…
        C’mon…. you can do it!

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      • Without a doubt, they are good for emergencies when away from home, and if I get another one, that will be its purpose. Texting?!?!? That’s what email is for. LOL!

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  1. Donald Trump quoted today

    This tragedy of the 2 year old being eaten by an alligator at Disney

    This is Another example of Clintons week policy on immigration affecting the American people

    It is not known with absolute certainty if the alligator is from Mexico or the Middle East but clearly if I were president had my wall built or my band of entry of Muslims was in affect this would not likely have happened.


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