I was absolutely shocked moments ago when I looked on my computer and saw that the legendary singer PRINCE had died.  I really can recall early in his career, I did not particularly care for his music.  UNTIL…. as a police officer I worked his PURPLE RAIN concert for three nights in a row. This man was nothing less than electric.  I had never seen a performer all over the stage like this man was.  Some of the hits that he is responsible for includes:  “1999”, “Little Red Corvette”, “I Wanna Be Your Lover”,”Do Me Baby”  and many more…. The details of his untimely death are sketchy at this time but as soon as I know more I will give you an update.


8 thoughts on “PRINCE DEAD @57

      • For about a year now, Youtube has been getting more and more disappointing. There are videos that I embedded in posts on my blog just several months ago that are no longer available. Of course, I don’t know that until and unless I go back to the post for some reason. From what I hear, almost anyone can complain of copyright infringement and Youtube disables the video or puts it on private until the matter is resolved. Because most people cannot pay a lawyer, the matter is never resolved.

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      • Roach, some folks seem to be immortal because we love their talent so much. It’s really sad, and they are so missed.


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