my biological

you dropped me off

at my mama’s house

early one saturday morn’

i haven’t seen your face

before or since

the day i was born

they say you in love

with ms. hennessey

they say you like

that cheap wine

me and my three siblings

we’re struggling

but we’re doing just fine

©2013 tjroach

5 thoughts on “A BIOLOGICAL MESS

  1. I adore your honesty in this piece. Reminds me of a piece I wrote on Mother’s Day:

    It’s Mother’s Day and how I celebrate all the great mothers in the world! The strong women who devoted their lives into raising wonderful children.
    But today I particularly celebrate everyone who grew up without the warmth of a mother’s arms, the loving voice of rebuke, the soft tears of a mother’s prayers. I celebrate you today for you didn’t allow her absence deter you presence on earth. You fought through, you stood still and you still believe in being a good mother to others regardless.
    I celebrate all the strong women out there who are not strong by their physical strength but by the strength of their character, the abundance of love in their big hearts and by their scarred knees spent in praying for their families.
    -Dainty M.

    Sorry this is pretty long. But I’m proud of the person you turned out to be, it reflects on your blog! 🙂 God bless you for sharing.

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