If this were my child in this video, I would be in some very serious trouble.  In life we are taught to be law-abiding and for the most part, I think most people are.  But… after seeing this disturbing video, God himself would have to grab and restrain me from reaching out to touch this particular officer in some manner.

Okay, before I get too far ahead of myself, let me give you more information.  At Reach Partnership School, a middle school in Baltimore, Maryland, a police officer was caught on camera slapping and kicking a student.  At this time, the head of the Baltimore school police force and the two officers seen in this video are on administrative leave.  This action was taken after the video became public.  No word yet as to what happened prior to the physical altercation but I can assure you that attorneys are lined up to try to represent this young man.  The teen and his parents are being represented at this time by attorney Lauren Geisser.  Reports indicate that Geisser said she has documentation identifying the teen as a tenth grader at the school.  Further reports indicate that the student suffered face and rib injuries as a result of this assault by the very unprofessional cop.  Geisser has been quoted as saying “the boy had a right to be at the school where he was an enrolled student.  With respect to refusing to leave the school, the student didn’t want to leave the school where he had a right to attend.”

“I am completely appalled and disappointed by what is depicted in the video,” the school system’s CEO, Gregory Thornton, said in the statement. “Our school police officers are entrusted with ensuring the safety of our students and staff, and I know that most of them take this job seriously while maintaining a high level of professionalism. The behavior in the video is completely unacceptable.”

You’ve got to share your thoughts on this one.  Tell me what you think.





  1. He’s just a bully picking on someone smaller than himself and using the authority of the uniform to give him the power/right to use physical force. Not right. There needs to be consequences which should include some training on how to behave himself in an ethical and respectful manner.

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  2. This is a disgrace, that this “officer” if he can be called that, can get away with this behaviour, this seems to be happening more and more, it is totally unnecessary, It may not be right but I know what I would like to do…..and thank god it was not my child, no child should have to go through that. Please let us know if there is any updates(hopefully when they put the “officer” in jail)

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    • It’s not that it’s happening more. The reason we see more of it is because of this new technology called cell phones…. I know a lot of cops nowadays wish they hadn’t invented them with cameras on them. This makes regular citizens the new reporters. Thank God we’re getting to see some of this first hand and hopefully this particular view will get this “officer/monster” jailed!!!

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