Natalie Cole has died.

According toTMZ reports:

Cole, whose hits include “This Will Be” and “Unforgettable” which she performed as a virtual duet with dad Nat King Cole — died from congestive heart failure, although we’re told the underlying medical issues were complications from a kidney transplant and Hepatitis C.

Natalie had been very sick recently, cancelling several tour dates in late December including a New Year’s Eve concert at Disney Hall in L.A. She also cancelled an upcoming February concert due to illness.

Natalie struggled with substance abuse and was plagued with health problems, suffering from liver disease in 2008. She also underwent chemo for Hepatitis C.

Natalie, who was married 3 times and has a son, was 65.

She died in a Los Angeles hospital.


3 thoughts on “NATALIE COLE DEAD @65

  1. I’m so sorry to hear this. My mom talked about her allot because Nat King Cole’s wife and my mom were pregnant at the same time. Natalie struggled with addictions in the early days of her career and it seems that drugs take a toll on the body. May she rest in peace.


    • Happy New Year and thanks for your comment!!! I haven’t heard anything about Natalie in a while. I think she had overcome her addictions. I don’t really delve into the personal side of these “celebrities” because the truth is that we are attracted to them because of whatever form of entertainment value that they provide to us (point blank and the period!!!). Whatever she was going through on this planet is over and my trust is that she is in a better place.


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