I originally posted this on December 12, 2013 [Keith’s birthday] and will post it again today in memory of my friend, Keith Harrell (aka Dr. Attitude). This is one person that I can’t imagine forgetting anytime soon.


While driving to work one October day three years ago, I received a phone call from a friend, Vanessa. She kindly asked if I was sitting down. I informed her that I was driving to work. She asked me to call her back when I got to work. Of course, I urged her to tell me what was going on. She informed me that our close friend, Keith Harrell, had died. My heart sank into my stomach. You see, I knew that Keith had had some challenges with his back yet, I had no idea that he was suffering with spinal cancer. He exuded such a tremendous attitude that I’m sure that not many people knew. Truthfully, I was sort of mad with him that after all of the conversations that we had… about everything, he never mentioned this “minor” detail.
Today would have been his 57th birthday. If he…

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