I don’t always agree with the popular opinion on things and I’m okay with that.  It is others that sometime have the problem with some f these opinions.  Okay, here goes:  First of all, I love Patti Labelle’s music.  I’ve been a fan of hers for years and have seen her in concert two or three times.  She really knows how to entertain her audience.  One of my favorite Patti songs is : “If Only You Knew”.

Recently, Patti appeared in Vancouver and asked a few of her fans to come up on stage to perform with her.  One of the fans took his performance a bit far when he began to take off his shirt.  Patti admonished him for being disrespectful and in the middle of that, the fan basically mooned Patti.  She rushed across stage and assaulted the fan and called him the word that rhymes with Mitch…..

SHAME ON YOU PATTI!!!  She absolutely had no right to lay her hands on this fan or anyone else AND he should sue her.  Okay, there we go:  He should definitely file a suit against her for humiliating him in front of this huge group of people.  One things for sure; nobody gets to lay their hands on another individual without that persons’ approval.  You watch the video and tell me what you think.  I love her music, but not this act that she pulled here.  Let me know what you think.


  1. Did Patti say that she is 71? She wants respect as an older woman, even before respect as an entertainer. He was disrespectful. If the police didn’t arrest Patti for assault, the man will have a hard time winning a lawsuit against her unless he suffered an injury that required medical treatment. Even then he would probably not recover more than the medical bill.

    I don’t think she was right to shove him, but considering that the stage is her “house” and if a man mooned her in her literal house, she would have the right to shove him out the door before her guests.

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    • BUTT…. lol you still don’t get to lay hands on another person. Me personally, I would go for it and make her settle with me out of court. You can actually take a warrant out for a person and then have your day in court. He has the video to assist him and no one can prove that she did not cause him pain…. Medical records would help but have you ever been hit by a little child and they hit you so hard that you wanted to break their neck (well, not really… and you get the point).


      • I agree that she should not have touched him. In a lawsuit, I think that Patti would have several affirmative defenses, including that the man contributed to it by being offensive, and maybe even lewd conduct in a public place.

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