According to ABC,” the suspected car thief was being chased by multiple police vehicles in the downtown area when she inexplicably stopped her car, got out, and danced in the street to Future’s “Where Ya At.”

The woman was being pursued by cops for weaving through traffic and running red lights, even blowing a tire as she ran over a spike strip–but it wasn’t until a few moments after her dance break that cops were able to swarm her car and take her into custody.”

Sometimes a few words tell a lot.  Such is the case here.  I just wonder… if this woman had been of a different race and gender, would the end result be the same?  Or would we be talking about a funeral today???  You tell me what you think.


  1. I would like to think that because officers are being suspended, some indicted, and some put on trial, regardless of the outcome, is causing other officers to think twice before using deadly force. In the days before social media, if they got away with killing an unarmed person, only those in the local community knew about it. That has changed now. No matter the determination of investigation boards, judges or juries, once their names make headlines and they are accused of excessive force, their futures and that of the families (if any), are affected.

    At least, that is what I would like to think.

    When the woman in the video put her hand in her pocket, I expected to hear gunshots. Maybe her race saved her from execution. Now, if she’s only charged with misdemeanors and gets off with a fine and no jail time, we know that it’s a racially bigoted system. Her next dance can be to Jamie Fox’s “Blame it on the alcohol.”


    • I would like to think the same thing as you…. ! I would really like to think that but…………… as a former cop, I know better. Trust and believe, I have witnessed this much more than I would care to admit. The most racist place I have ever worked in my life was the police department. AND… that is so hard to say, but it is absolutely TRUE! One things for sure, I already know that you know exactly what I mean. You’re the best! Check out my latest post.


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