Do you remember the name Rachael Dolezal? She is the woman who was president of the Seattle, Washington NAACP. She garnered national attention when her biological parents told the world that she was white and not black as she had been pretending.

Let us fast forward to recent news and Shaun King. King has been a very noticeable face of the Black Lives Matter development since the police shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO. King has been accused of not being black as he has claimed. After this information made the news, CNN’s Don Lemon reported that a “family member” had given information that King’s parents are both white. Is this déjà vu?shaunkingbaby                                     Shaun King as a baby (on the right)

The report mentioned a birth certificate obtained from the Kentucky Office of Vital Statistics that lists King’s father as Jeffery Wayne King, who is also white. King has fired back at these accusations by saying that he is in fact biracial. He has also defended his Oprah Scholarship to attend Morehouse College, a historically black school. He indicates that he did not lie about his race to obtain the scholarship.shaunking sophomore

Shaun King as a sophomore in high school


King recently addressed this entire situation by issuing the following statement:

I refuse to speak in detail about the nature of my mother’s past, or her sexual partners, and I am gravely embarrassed to even be saying this now, but I have been told for most of my life that the white man on my birth certificate is not my biological father and that my actual biological father is a light-skinned black man. My mother and I have discussed her affair. She was a young woman in a bad relationship and I have no judgment. This has been my lived reality for nearly 30 of my 35 years on earth. I am not ashamed of it, or of who I am—never that—but I was advised by my pastor nearly 20 years ago that this was not a mess of my doing and it was not my responsibility to fix it. All of my siblings and I have different parents. I’m actually not even sure how many siblings I have.

What do you think about this interesting story?  Why does race matter so much?  Is race the issue here?  When will all of this madness stop?                                          

                                           Shaun King’s wife and kids



  1. The person who targeted Shaun King did so because she wants to disparage and “destroy” the Black Lives Matter movement. Her name is Vicki Pate and along with Annette Kelly and David Piercy, they plotted for months. After the one year anniversary of the killing of Michael Brown and the protests starting again in Ferguson, Pate and Piercy became furious.

    I am aware of the Pate-Piercy group because for years, they threatened to defame me unless I deleted my blog. When I did not, they engaged in all sorts of malicious activity, including filing bogus copyright infringement complaints and threatening other bloggers with defamation unless they stopped associating with me.

    Pate had an article on her blog about Shaun King but her blog doesn’t get attention. So, David Piercy, under an anonymous Twitter handle, tweeted out Shaun King’s birth certificate to numerous media sources, including Don Lemon of CNN. I’ve written about David Piercy and exposed his anonymous Twitter account and how he is also on the birth certificate of his wife’s child, (who is Latino) although he is not the biological father.

    Click to access david-piercy-and-shaun-kings-birth-certificate.pdf


    • I appreciate you shedding more light on this subject. Even though I did not know the particulars, I do know that when a movement has POWER, there will be those who try their best to discredit. You know the devil doesn’t care who he uses. And many are eager to be used. All this hate… for what???

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      • Roach59,
        They hate because they hold White Supremacist ideologies. David Piercy submitted numerous comments to my blog, one saying that he wanted to see all “n**ers” dead. Vicki Pate is a subtle White Supremacist who does not come right out and use racial slurs like Piercy, but has made it known that she wants the destruction of attorney Benjamin Crump, (who represented Trayvon Martin’s parents) Rev. Al Sharpton, and Shaun King and Deray, another Black Lives Matters activist.

        Annette Kelly resides in Canada, and it’s been suggested by some that she thinks she is beyond the reach of federal law enforcement.

        That group identified each other and joined together when George Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin. Seeing so many people come together, Black, Brown and White, made them furious. Seeing the outcome that Zimmerman was charged and arrested, upset them even more. Effectively, they believe that Blacks have too much power.


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