Memorial day is a time to honor our veterans yet there is at least one community that is outraged at a fraud by one of their neighbors.  The guy in this video is apparently perpetrating a fraud and is now being exposed.  There are a lot of people who are now cynical about giving because of people like this.  A non-profit that built a specially-adapted house for wounded Army veteran Justin Perez-Gorda is now ‘weighing its options’, after  stories of the severity of his injuries are now in question.  Perez-Gorda has been seen walking by several neighbors and has even been caught on film unloading wood from his SUV.  I won’t insult you with anymore of the details as you can watch the video for yourself. Passed: To qualify for the home, Perez-Gorda (right) completed the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs grant process and passed a background check

Home: In December 2013, the organization, which builds specially adapted, mortgage-free homes for severely injured war veterans, presented the family with a customized home in Dripping Springs, Texas

2 thoughts on “MEMORIAL DAY: WHAT A MESS

  1. As a supporter of the Perez – Gorda family, I’m truly sorry that you are misinformed. Arguing will accomplish nothing.

    Since the reporter refuses to show the family’s side of the story, they have hired a lawyer and will be releasing a statement.

    I hope that you – and everyone else who jumped to conclusions based on irresponsible reporting – will hear what the family has to say before condemning the man who was wounded protecting our country


    • First of all, thanks for your response. No, there will be no arguing regarding this story. AND… if the initial reporting is wrong, I apologize for adding to their pain. BUT… the whole thing does seem suspicious to me and I can see why it does to others. In my opinion, the entire matter could have been laid to rest if the Perez – Gorda family had been forthcoming earlier. When people invest their money and resources, they have certain expectations. You have to acknowledge that yourself and it doesn’t matter who the family is. I, for one, am happy to see this wounded man walking again but why the reluctance to talk to the media or go public since the public did make such a big spectacle about gifting the home in the first place. I am certainly patiently waiting to hear what they have to say……………….


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