There’s a new preacher’s reality show coming to Lifetime and I’m not sure what to say about the above trailer.  There are four “prophetesses” in this particular show.  They are:  Belinda Scott (Cleveland Heights, Ohio); Taketa Williams (Columbus, Ohio); Linda Roark (Trenton, Ohio); and Kelly Crews (Cleveland, Ohio).

“Preach” is the latest Christianity-based offering of  reality shows.  There was TLC’s “The Sisterhood” (cancelled after one season), Oxygen’s Preachers of LA (my favorite), and the spinoff Preacher’s of Detroit (I also like). Lifetime has also been showing “Preacher’s Daughtrers” for three seasons.  Check out the trailer above and let me know if you’ll be watching…..


2 thoughts on “PREACH

  1. I don’t watch much television, but thanks for the head’s up. If I happen to have the tv on and channel surfing and see this is on, I’ll take a look.


    • Thanks for stopping by…. again. What intrigues me most about these shows is that: I wonder where they these people from. They certainly make for great television but can you imagine the impact they are making on the lives of others both in negative and positive ways. I am usually drawn to watch because of how outlandish they are but in the midst of seeing them, I end up getting something positive. Such as life I suppose.


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