This coming weekend is one of the most anticipated weekends for boxing fans.  Floyd Mayweather (47W 0L 0D 26KOs) vs. Manny Pacquiao (57W 5L 2D 38KOs) fight is front and center for the weekend and many will be watching.  Before you start asking, I think Mayweather is going to handle Pacquiao with no major problem.  Pacquiao may give him a good fight but in the end I think Mayweather will definitely prevail.  Jamie Foxx, who’s starring as Mike Tyson in an upcoming biopic, is going to sing the National Anthem before the fight begins.  Foxx is a big boxing fan and if you remember, he starred as Muhammad Ali’s right hand man, Drew Bundini, in the film “Ali”
Jamie Foxx also sang “America the Beautiful” before the Pacquiao vs. Mosley fight in 2011.  check him out singing below.  Also, let me know who you think is going to win…


  1. I am still on the fence with this fight its still a pick em fight in my opinion but I am leaning towards Mayweather though my heart says Pacquiao.
    The issue I have is recently with the new inside Mayweather Pacquiao during episode #3 they read sort of a farewell letter written by Floyd to his staff and the letter pretty much indicates that Floyd is already mentally retired and as they say in boxing once you start talking retirement your already retired that may be a huge factor coming into the fight.

    But lets look at what we know, Both guys have speed I believe Mannys speed is the fastst Flory has ever had to deal with, While Floyds speed has slowed down a notch I think Bradley may be a tad quicker and Manny handled him pretty well though I do believe Manny did lose his first fight to Bradley close but in my opinion Bradley won that fight.

    Most are looking at the Marquez knock out and we can all agree there is no reason not to look at that factor. However its likely Marquez was using steroids for that fight, take a look at the fights Marquez had with Memo who once worked for Balco during their scandal the only time Marquez got beat was at the hands of Bradley and get this for that fight they both had under gone random testing and Marquez did not look the same physically nor in the ring with his performance.

    Yet the follow up fight with Alvarado in Los Angeles with no testing Marquez was suddenly back though he had suddenly developed acne on his chest which was visible durin the fight a clear sign of steroid use.

    Putting that aside lets get to the fight itself, Mayweathers defense vs Pacquiaos offense I believe if Floyd is going to fight Pacquiao and win he is not going to win by laying on the ropes and looking to counter as he did with Delahoya, Maidana, Cotto and Guerrero to me that would be suicide Manny will be able to score more effectively with Floyd in a defensive posture.

    I believe if Floyd is going to win Floyd has to approach this fight the way he did with Canelo a very tight defense but he is going to have to put pressure on Pacquiao and become the aggressor not the sloppy brawler style but smart aggressive pressure.

    Notice in Pacquiaos fights with Morales (Fight 1) Algeri, Bradley, Mosley and Cotto each time they pressured Manny, Manny would open up with combinations and suddenly those shots would start to miss making Manny look wild and sloppy the reason for this is because Manny was then being pushed back losing balance making those shots ineffective really.

    Manny is not really an inside fighter, Pacquiao loves to get you out of position and hit you there he does this by head feinting his opponent and throwing where the fighter is going to be not where he is currently usually catching his opponent out of position with a good shot that allows him to follow up with two or three more shots. But notice he likes to catch you on the end of his punches from range thats where most of his damage is done.

    Mayweather is going to have to drive manny Back maintain control of the center of the ring and he has to feint Pacquiao and get him out of position. Floyd has the right style though I do not agree that he is undefeated I thought he lost to Castillo in their first fight, I thought Delahoya was able to eek out a close win and I also thought Maidana beat Floyd in the first fight.

    Concern on Mayweathers behalf is in the Maidana fight both of them Floyd was hit allot by a slower wider somewhat predictable Marcos Maidana. Manny is much faster and sharper with his shots the concern here is Floyd has obviously lost a step so if you are a Mayweather fan dont be shocked of this fight doesnt o his way it happens to all of the greats.

    Most think that its going to be Floyds Right hand VS Mannys Left hand I disagree with that all together I believe its going to come from Floyds left hook (Check hook) or Mannys right hook. if you noticed Floyd does and has got hurt with looping right hands from Corley, Maidana, Mosley and the right hook of Judah which caused Floyds glove to hit the canvas in their fight.

    The deal here is even though Floyd was buzzed he was able to recover and dominate the fight from that point forward so to me its going to come down to can Floyd recover if Manny hurts him? thats going to be a major factor in this fight in determining who will come out on top.

    Manny also has one shot that nobody talks about that straight left hand to the body, Watch his fights with Delahoya, Cotto,Margarito and Mosley Manny went there with that shot early and you could see in those fights by the 2nd or 3rd round that all of those fighters adjusted their elbows and arms to try and avoid getting hit with that shot, you could see all of them start to jump back or fold over as they were hit with that shot, usually that shot not only did damage but it set up the right hook up top.

    Logic Says Floyd, My Gut says Pacquiao and I honestly think the way Floyd is talking (retirement) that is going to play a major factor as boxing in 99% mental and if Floyd is even just 1% retire then Floyd is already retired


    • First of all, thanks for your comment. The thing I really like about Mayweather in this fight is that he has defeated a lot of different kinds of fighters in his storied career. We could go down the list of all 47 that he has never lost to but you certainly already sound like you know who they are. One of the things I always say is that on paper things can look one way but when the event happens, it may be something totally different. AND I’m cognizant of the fact that just because A beat B and B beat C doesn’t mean that A will beat C. In this instance, I still think that Mayweather will prevail because after all, this one is for his LEGACY… That’s one of the reasons I disagree with your talk about his talk of retirement. If indeed he is talking retirement, this CHAMPION will do everything in his power to go out on top. Consider the following quote by George Herbert:

      Skill and confidence are an unconquered army.

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      • What I mean when I talk about his retirement is you dont push yourself mentally to the limit when your under fire when your mind is already on retirement happens to all of them and I believe he is going to be pushed to the limit in this fight. I do not see this as an easy fight, Nobody who beat pacquiao had an easy time doing it not even the recent knock out of Marquez look what he had to go through to get that but I also believe Marquez was using steroids from the 3rd fight with Pacquiao on with the exception of the bradley fight where they participated in random testing. You saw what happened there Bradley dominated Marquez, then Marquez came back to fight Alvarado and again you saw a re vamped Marquez with acne all over his chest clear sign of steroids. Anyhow I know Roach and Manny have a good game plan I know that Floyd will have his I lean towards Floyd not just because he is bigger but his ability to make adjustments on the Fly but I would NOT be shocked to see Manny win here its not a fight you bet on thats for sure

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