I got the following email from Tyler Perry yesterday and I’m sharing it with you.  If you’re in one of these areas and want to get your laugh on, make sure you get tickets to see…MADEA ON THE RUN. You know its going to be hilarious!  I’m also posting the above video to give you an idea of how the play is going to be.

Hey TJ,

Ok, I’m headed to Columbus, Ohio right now. Madea is live tonight on stage.
Only 6 weekends of this Madea On The Run tour. Where you at Columbus? Louisville? Detroit? Columbia? Augusta? Chicago? Memphis? Spartanburg? Fayetteville? Baltimore?
Here we go!!!
Oh and wait, the bottom part of this is from Madea.
From Madea,
I know all yall want me to come to all yall citys but I’m old, yall got ta give me a lil time and you know I’m wanted in 57 states and Mexico and Canada and the Bahamas and jamacia and Turk and Cake-Os. I turned it out on dat island with Tom Joytner. Anyway I’ll be there soon. Yall be ready be ready!!!! Mad to the D-E-A.
Don’t worry I’m gonna hit as many cities as I can. Just give this old broad a lil time. And I’m gonna get to all yall towns.
Love yall


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