Today is January 1,2015. I am starting the year just like I ended it… PRAISING GOD for all that HE has done. I am on Tyler Perry’s mailing list (no, I don’t personally know him). He sent out the following email today. Check it out:

Hey TJ,

I was driving in my car today and had my iPod on shuffle. I have thousands of songs but this one brought tears to my eyes. It’s so appropriate for the new year. Read the lyrics and buy this song if you can. It’s powerful.
“Dear God” by Smokie Norful
[Verse 1:]
It feels so good to make it this far

And I didn’t think I could take it so long

There were days I wanted to quit

I said surely this is it

But I held on

And I watched as so called friends turn and walk away

It hurt so much I didn’t have words to say

But even when my day turns to night and nothing seems just right

Lord I thank you for, for my life
For my life, Lord I thank you

For every victory in you I’ve seen

And all the moments I know it was you who kept me

So I thank you for, for my life
[Verse 2:]
And I watched you take my family from there to here

And when times were a lil rough God I know you were near

And the moments I thought I failed I was reminded of your nails

So I held on

And if I never live to see another day

There is nothing I would change or take away
I’ve had so many ups

That they far out way my downs

Lord I thank you for my life
[back to chorus]
[Verse 3:]
I realized some didn’t make it…

I could’ve been one of the ones who lost my way

And there were times Lord I know I almost went crazy

But I’m still here, with my life
[back to chorus]
It may not be all that I’d hoped for

And every dream has not yet been realized

But to see your face one day God

I know it’s all gonna be worth it
[Verse 4:]
So I thank you

Thank you for every mountain every valley

God every thing you brought me through

Thank you!

I know I know it was you

Just wanna take the time to say thank you Jesus for my life



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