The other day at work a co-worker was talking about her concerns that one of her nieces had a fever. She said that the family was concerned that it might be Ebola. I quickly let her know how absurd the thought process was of anyone contracting Ebola here in the United States.

You have to know how alarmed I was this morning when I turned on the news and heard the report that the CDC has confirmed that a Texas health worker has contracted Ebola. Apparently this woman, who has not been named, had been treating the Liberian patient who arrived in Dallas, Texas and died last Wednesday. This woman is the first known person to contract the disease here in the United States.
It makes me wonder how far-reaching this outbreak will be. Perhaps part of the answer lies in a robot.
A robot? I recently read an article that talked about the usage of a high-tech robot that is battling viruses and bacteria in the United States and has been sent out to over 200 hospitals.
A report indicated that “These new robots however use xenon gas to produce ultra-violet light up to 25,000 times more intense than that produced by the sun which makes them far more effective at killing germs”.
Certainly we can’t forget about prayer but hopefully God has equipped man with the intellect to create these robots that can kill this devastating disease not only here in America but all around the world as well. Let me know your thoughts on this. Are you afraid that this is only the beginning? I look forward to hearing what you think.
Check out the robot below:


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