Sometimes it is not even safe in your own home. Such is the case of this veteran United Airlines flight attendant, DeCarol Deloney-Cain,54 years old. Her teenage daughter, Alyssa Barrett, 17, has been charged with Deloney-Cain’s murder. Barrett apparently stuffed her mothers body in the trunk of her car in Gary, Indiana. Damarius Rashard Wren, Barrett’s 18 year old boyfriend has also been charged in the case. The motive, according to police, is that Deloney-Cain had ordered Barrett to have an abortion.
Both Barrett and Wren are being held without bond.

From CBS News:
According to the criminal complaint obtained by the station, Deloney-Cain was beaten and repeatedly stabbed in the fatal incident. Wren reportedly told police he committed the murder. The victim’s body was then wrapped in trash bags before being stuffed in the trunk.

Barrett had a “fragile” relationship with her mother, according to police. The Tribune reports Wren admitted to Gary police that he killed Deloney-Cain after an argument because she wanted her daughter to abort his baby, the probable cause affidavit states. The body sat in the trunk until officers discovered the car four days after the woman was supposed to have left on a flight. Barrett had been telling people her mother had flown to China, according to the affidavit.

The document also mentions that two other friends of the couple have been implicated in robbing Deloney-Cain and disposing of her body. Their identities have not been revealed at this time.

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